22 Geography Trivia Facts To Impress Your Friends With

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2021)

Maps are really hard, especially if you’re not wired to visualize things in free space. That’s why we keep track of our location almost entirely through trivia facts! Yes, we get lost quite often. But hey, we will be able to tell you some neat stuff about where we’ve gotten lost! We’ve got a list of some neat geography (and geography-adjacent) trivia facts so you too can have some cool things to say next time you get lost.

22 Geography Trivia Facts 

1. Brazil’s northernmost point is closer to Canada than it is to its southernmost point. 

2. New York’s Coney Island became a peninsula in the 1930s due to land reclamation.

3. Dallol, Ethiopia is the hottest inhabited place in the world. Average yearly temperatures hover around 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius). Pack some ice.

4. It’s actually pretty hard to see the Great Wall of China from space. Maybe they should have made it the Greater Wall.

5. More people live on the island of Java than in Russia, which is 123 times larger than Java by area. So… At least they know they have somewhere to go if it gets crowded?

6. The longest beaver dam in the world, in Alberta, is more than half a mile long. See now that’s a great wall. A fine Dandy Dam.

7. California is the closest state to Hawaii, but Hawaii is the furthest state from California.

8. If you’re in the continental United States, you’re never further than 135 miles from a McDonald’s. It’s a little adjacent, but it’s also incredibly depressing. Plus, if you’re lost, you can always orient yourself via McDonald’s now. 

9. The state of Wyoming only has two sets of escalators. With all the McDonald’s, taking the stairs might not hurt anyway.

So this stock photo beats Wyoming in escalator count?

10. Thimphu in Bhutan and Ngerulmud in Palau are the only two world capitals that don’t have any traffic lights.

11. Despite only having a population of around 7.5 million, Papua New Guinea is home to over 800 distinct languages. Talk about multilingual.

12. Palm trees grow in Ireland, at 53 degrees north. In Canada at 55 degrees north there are polar bears. So maybe those cartoons with polar bears on the beach weren’t too far off?

13. There are 14 mountains over the height of 8000 metres, which are basically all in Asia. Also, the Asian continent has a lot of tall stuff on it.

14. Australia is wider than the Moon.

14A. No seriously, the Moon is 2158.8 miles in diameter, and Australia is about 2,500 miles wide

15. Maryland has no natural lakes.

16. The Great Lakes contain enough fresh water to flood an area the size of Great Britain in over 100 meters of water

17. But Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world. Combined. Share?

18. France’s longest border is with Brazil. It does this through French Guiana

19. Antarctica is the world’s largest desert since it doesn’t rain there. We’re going to bring some chocolate syrup and a spoon. Turn it into the largest dessert. 


20. Maine is the closest point in the US to Africa.

21. Point Nemo is the farthest point in the ocean from any land. We suppose we just solved Finding Nemo.

It’s lonely out here.

22. Australia is the only continent with no active volcanoes. They deserve that reassurance with all the killer bugs. 

See if you can’t do geography super fast here.

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