Countdown to Four Billion: Wrap-Up

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2021)
Four Billion Wrap-Up

We Did It! Four Billion Quiz Plays

Hey Sporclers! As you may have already seen, our Countdown to Four Billion has officially come to an end. Sporcle surpassed the four billion quiz play mark on Thursday, April 29th, at 12:23:03 (PDT). Thank you to our amazing Sporcle community for this incredible milestone. You’ve all played a role in helping us get here!

Hopefully you’ve noticed the brand new Puzzle Quest we released upon reaching 4 billion. If you haven’t, we encourage everyone to check it out. This will be the first quest of many, and we hope you have fun with these!

We know one of the main reason you’re here though. Who were the big winners in our various Countdown to Four Billion contests? Take a look below for those details and more!

The Four Billionth Quiz Play Sweepstakes

The rules for our Four Billionth Quiz Play Sweepstakes were simple – just play the four billionth quiz and win a $500 American Express Gift Card.

A huge congratulations goes out to athagerman7 for being our lucky quiz player! 

(We can hear Obi-Wan Kenobi now: “In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.”)

If you’re curious, US States: Border or Not Border was the quiz they played.

Spring Towards Four Billion Quiz Play Contest

The Spring Towards Four Billion Quiz Play Contest was the ultimate test of Sporcle endurance. In this quiz playing free-for-all, participants just had to play quizzes… Lots of them. Aka as many as they could during the contest timeframe. We selected the top quiz player for each Sporcle category, and are awarding them one Trivia Hunt Entry and a month of Orange. Congrats to all the winners, and anyone else who survived this quizzing marathon!

Geography tddragoon (6,334 plays)

Entertainment Purple_Parrot (853 plays)

Science Eobo (1,643 plays)

History petenge (1,913 plays)

Literature HRS41 (2,386 plays)

Sports TriviaGOAT (4,674 plays)

Language cwfuturewrestler (3,326 plays)

Just For Fun RotherhamAndrea (7,415 plays)

Religion oregonisamazing (2,363 plays)

Movies ladron25 (8,072 plays)

Television butch89 (8,200 plays)

Music jeff12731 (7,833 plays)

Gaming pecheneg (3,794 plays)

Miscellaneous WSchuur (6,501 plays)

Holiday robert75 (3,541 plays)

Official Four Billion Quiz Making Contest

We don’t reach four billion quiz plays without having fun, educational, and interesting quizzes, so we thought a quiz creation competition seemed appropriate. Enter the Official Four Billion Quiz Making Contest.

Among some other set criteria, all quiz submissions had to include a Sporcle Editor’s username as a hint or an answer. We randomly selected quizzes from each quiz type, and are awarding a $50 Amazon gift card and a month of Orange to each creator. We’re also giving a prize to the quiz that got the most comments from unique users (not including quizzes that have already won). A tip of the cap to all of our winners below:

Classic – BorezU Word Ladder: Girls’ Night Movie

Clickable – Magnavox 4-to-1 Blitz: Classic Electronic Toys

Picture Click – garolo Click-a-Flick

Multiple Choice – geshmonkey Editorial Music! (Audio Quiz)

Map – rorriMgnizamA Typing Challenge: Repair the Ladders! 2

Picture Box – jackaronson23 Colored Animals Blitz

Slideshow – lexmith Answer Smash: Foodstuffs

GridMrCyganik Mystery Crossword: Big 4 Sports Team VII

Top Comments – ceciliacarlid Click the Sporclers A-Z II

The Official Four Billion Plays Badge Contest

For the first time since 2018, we held a Badge Creation Contest! We broke things down into four categories – Themed Badges, Playlist Badges, Date Specific Badges, and 100% Badges – and gave users a few other guidelines. Then our staff voted on our favorites in each category. Congratulations to all our winners below! In addition to each user getting three months of Orange on us, their badges will also be hitting the Homepage in the coming weeks and months!

District of Columbadge by sportzak: Get at least 50% or higher on Washington D.C. Area Landmarks, 10 Closest Capitals to Washington D.C., Famous… from D.C.!, and Things in the National Museum of American History.

Tree Spree by rorriMgnizamA: Get 100% on 25 quizzes in Katie_Wandering’s Trees Logic Puzzles playlist.

Every Dog Has Its Day by MRL: Play AKC Breeds, Dog Faces, Presidents With Their Dogs, and Find the Cartoon Dogs on National Dog Day (August 26).

Olympic Torch by Magnavox: Get 100% on Olympics Cities.

Put Four Billion in Obscure Context Contest

As a silly nod to April Fools’ Day, we asked Sporclers to put the number 4,000,000 into the most obscure context possible. Our staff scoured through each submission, and voted on some of our favorites. rorriMgnizamA won a month of Orange on us for coming up with the top comment (this also makes three Countdown to Four Billion contest wins for rorriMgnizamA – Congrats!):

“If there were 4 billion different quiz websites and each had 4 billion Saturday Sudokus and ALL of these Sudokus were different, they would account for only about 0.24% of all the possible Sudoku grids.”

It’s nice to know we can publish Sudoku quizzes forever, and that four billion isn’t so big after all. So… Thanks? 

But honestly, we had a ton of interesting submissions to this contest. So many that we decided to compile some of the best ones into this fun blog post: How Big Is Four Billion? 20 Ways You Told Us.

The Person Below Me Group Contest

What’s The Person Below Me (TPBM), you ask? Well, someone makes a statement about the person below them. Then that person says either “True” or “False”, and makes their own statement about the person below them. Check out the thread for a better idea.

We randomly selected one commenter on this thread, and awarded them 3 months of Orange! Congratulations to GrumpyMike (maybe this will help cheer you up)!

The Under The Radar Puzzle Hunt Contest

One of the new badges released earlier in the month, Under the Radar, was actually Sporcle’s third official Puzzle Hunt badge, following 2013’s Great Sporcle Puzzle Hunt and 2015’s SIA Puzzle Hunt

We awarded a month of Orange to one randomly selected one user who earned the Under the Radar badge prior to four billion plays, and that was jkzort! A hearty congratulations goes out to you! 

But really, any user who has earned this badge deserves some praise. We know it was a challenge!

Congratulations once again to all our prize winners! Thanks for playing!

Other Fun Stats

Throughout April 2021, we looked back at various things that have changed on Sporcle in the timeframe between three and four billion quiz plays. We explored the many Content Updates that were made, all the new Features and Changes that were added to the site, and also took some time to Celebrate Sporclers. We’re eager to start the countdown to five billion, but before we do, let’s look back once more at some fun stats that have been achieved since hitting three billion quiz plays back on April 2nd, 2019.

Most Played Quizzes

1. Find the US States – No Outlines Minefield – 11,010,633
2. Find the US States – 7,882,334
3. Countries of the World – 4,752,464
4. US States – 3,848,495
5. Countries of Europe – 2,459,717
6. Find the Countries of Europe – No Outlines Minefield – 2,449,434
7. Marvel Cinematic Universe: Oldest to Newest – 2,260,805
8. Spacebar Clicker – 2,235,848
9. Clickable 1-100 Mines – 1,916,084
10. Countries of the World – No Outlines Minefield – 1,725,830
11. US Presidents – 1,715,850
12. Countries of Africa – 1,662,742
13. Find the US States Ultimate Minefield – 1,612,102
14. Erase the USA (No Outlines) – 1,348,912
15. Country Trivia Logic Puzzle – 1,333,610

Most Published Users

1. Flick – 251
2. sproutcm – 221
3. strokes_static – 212
4. Pilgab – 176
5. lolshortee – 165
6. kfastic – 165
7. Doctor_Arzt – 165
8. MSUKent – 162
9. Thebiguglyalien – 153
10. beforever – 152
11. Hejman – 146
12. BookishGirl98 – 145
13. goc3 – 129
14. LTH – 123
15. timschurz – 123

*Sporcle Staff omitted

Number of Quizzes Created: 639,057

Number of Quizzes Published: 10,952

Number of Challenges Completed: 370,763

Number of Showdowns Completed: 8,385,644

Number of Badges Earned: 16,104,714

Thanks to all that participated!

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