Countdown to Four Billion: Features and Changes

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2021)
Countdown to Four Billion: Features and Changes

As part of our countdown to four billion plays, we’ve already reviewed a few of the content updates that we made since our three billionth quiz play on April 2, 2019. Now, let’s take a look at how we’ve grown with some features and changes that Sporcle has implemented on and around the site over the past two years.

New Quiz Features

In all likelihood, quizzes are why you’re here right now, reading this blog post. Sporcle is the “World’s Largest Trivia Quiz Website,” after all. We’re constantly brainstorming new quiz concepts and tweaking existing ones to make sure that we’re always bringing something different and exciting to the table. Here are a few changes and additions to both quiz making and quiz playing that we’ve introduced since hitting the big three billion:

  • The Grid quiz type was added, making it easier for creators to bring their crossword and Sudoku ideas to life.
  • The Clickable quiz type was updated so that quiz makers can add images to questions and/or answers.
  • Badge requirement information was added to quiz pages so that users can easily see when a particular quiz helps to advance badge progress.

Community Changes

Sporcle may not be a social media site like Twitter or Facebook, but we do our best to foster a healthy and proactive environment for the community that has emerged and grown on its own. Our users do so much to contribute to that community and make our site the great place that it is. So here are some of the developments that our team has made to give back to this community, in the ways that we can:

  • Room was made for users to be able to add their pronouns to their profiles (accessed from the Basic Info Settings page).
  • SporcleBot received some TLC with regard to the chat feature, and users can now use SporcleBot to generate random quizzes, ask for a random Challenge to play against the Bot, and request a GIF from GIPHY to send to friends.
  • The Find Friends page was introduced.
  • A total unique users count was added to threads in Groups, quizzes, and bulletins.
  • Friend Leaderboards were added to the leaderboards page, so that users can see how they match up against their Sporcle friends on such metrics as quiz plays, contributions, and Challenges.

On the Site

As technology evolves and programming capabilities advance, so too does the Sporcle website. In case you weren’t aware, the site has a few other features that supplement quizzes, and our team has made some leaps and bounds in this department in the years between our three billionth play and now. Below are a few of the more recent features brought to you by the Sporcle web team:

Beyond the Site

While the main website makes up a significant portion of the Sporcle ecosystem, there have been some equally significant additions to that ecosystem over the past two years. Each aspect of the company contributes to and expands upon the definition of a Sporcle product or service. Here is just a selection illustrating the ways in which Sporcle’s horizons have been broadened:

  • Sporcle acquired Stump Trivia, which came with its various live-hosted quiz formats, including Stump! Trivia and OpinioNation.
  • Virtual Trivia was built, bringing Sporcle pub trivia to homes around the world through the magic of Zoom.
  • The Sporcle Party app was launched, featuring content packs written by Sporcle staff and app users alike.
  • The Sporcle Twitch channel started streaming weekly public games of Sporcle Party.
  • A new and improved Word Ladder app was developed and released. 
  • Colleague Quiz League made remote team-building look easy with daily quizzing and peer matchups.
  • Trivia Hunt was born, combining the best features of pub trivia and scavenger hunts.

Changes for Sporcle

We’re proud of how the business has grown since our three billionth play, and we look forward to the changes that will be made in the years to come. A lot of the items listed here were brought forward by Sporcle users just like you, and enough others signed on to the ideas that we took notice and made them happen. 

What new features and changes would you like to see implemented before our five billionth play? At the rate we’re going, that milestone may be only a year down the road. Reach out to us with any ideas, and your suggestions could be featured in a future blog post just like this one!

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