25 More Animal Trivia Facts to Keep In Captivity

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2021)

If you like animal trivia you either want to be free in the wild to spread all your animal facts, or you want to sit and keep them to yourself. Trivia captivity, if you will. So while some of us are still in captivity, why don’t we cover all our bases with some animal trivia facts you can keep to yourself? We won’t tell anyone if you spread them around because you want to brag, though. 

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25 More Animal Trivia Facts

1. Komodo dragons will sometimes ram themselves at full speed into trees with animal carcasses in their mouth. They do this so they can get the food down their throat faster. This knocks down the tree.

2. Also they have venom, so if you thought their brute strength was terrifying enough on its own, Komodo dragons can keep your blood from clotting. 

3. The flaps on the faces of turkeys change color depending on the animal’s mood. Who needs mood rings anymore?

4. Flamingos have gray feathers when they hatch. Lame.

5. Bats are the only mammals capable of flight. Other flying mammals like the flying squirrel just glide. They fall with style.

6. Africa’s red-billed quelea is the most common bird in the word, with an estimated population of 1.5 billion.  

Do they taste like chicken?

7. The heart of the blue whale is five feet long and weighs 400 pounds. Must be great partners for Valentine’s Day.

8. No really, you could crawl around in that thing

9. Cows don’t really have four stomachs. They have one stomach with four compartments. Now we’re going to eat even more of them for lying to us.

10. Although commonly associated with parrots, ravens are capable of replicating human speech. When do their strange intelligence shenanigans end?

11. Elephants, chimpanzees, and magpies have all been seen participating in funerals in the wild.

12. Eastern screech owls keep blind snakes as pets.

13. Mother dolphins sing to their babies in the womb. No more making fun of people who put headphones on their pregnant bellies we guess. 

14. Male pandas do a handstand when they pee to mark their territory. The higher in a tree they can urinate, the better their scent will spread.

Not doing a handstand, but they are on a tree. You know what that means.

15. Also pandas are still carnivores on the inside–despite the fact that they only eat bamboo. 

16. Which might be part of the reason why they don’t make panda babies like they’re supposed to.

17. The slimy coating of snails and slugs allows them to crawl across sharp blades.

18. Technically snails and slugs only have one foot. But garden snails have upwards 14,000 teeth. At this point nature is just making a ton of weird stuff just to see how much we’re willing to accept is okay. 

19. Some snails have hairy shells

Yeah, nature? We just have one question. Why?

20. An elephant’s trunk contains over 40,000 muscles.  A human has 600-800 muscles for comparison. Never skip trunk day. 

21. Platypuses find their prey by detecting electrical signals generated when their potential food moves.

22. What even is the platypus, anyway? It’s a mammal that uses venom and lays eggs too. 

23. Ghost crabs can growl. Also they growl with their teeth. Also those teeth are in their stomachs. 

Stomach teeth.

24. The buzz of a housefly is in F key. Cool? But no less annoying.

25. While venom is uncommon with mammals, it’s not exclusive to just the platypus. The Slow Loris, though, might be the only primate out there with venomous abilities. Why don’t we get cool superpowers?

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