16 Earth Day Trivia Team Names to Recycle Next Year

If you’re reading this post when it comes out, Earth Day is tomorrow–the 22nd of April. So while you’re being environmentally conscious, you might also be trying to flex some Earth Day facts on your friends. What better way to flex your Earth knowledge on everyone else than with some neat Earth Day trivia team names? You can recycle them next year. Nobody will know. Except us.

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16 Earth Day Trivia Team Names

1. We Only Eat Grass-Fed Grass

Gotta be as green as possible. Feeding grass with only other greens just adds another layer to it. Or something.

2. All Organic

Nobody tell them about how much plastic is inside our bodies at any given moment. 

3. Eco Office

You know it’s not The Office since these guys aren’t wasting paper on whatever weird thing Michael came up with today.

4. The Lettuce League

Well why don’t you lettuce get started?

5. The Clean Team

It gets way funnier when you only use foul language. 

6. Mean, Green, Trivia-Winning Machines

Isn’t the mean and green a leprechaun thing?

7. Green Giants

Maybe the mean and green was a giant thing…

8. Recyclops Destroy

God bless you Recyclops. And your cold, robot heart.

Truly the story of someone who became the thing they swore to destroy. 

9. Nature’s Bounty

Well until we start becoming space pirates, Earth is the only bounty nature will be giving us.

10. We’re Solar Powered

Which, if your team is powered by hydrogen fusion like the Sun is, you have basically infinite power.

11. Zero Waste

The only things you’ll be wasting are the other teams. 

12. The Orogenous Zone

This is more of a geology joke than a preserve-the-climate joke, but it has a lot of layers. Both as in that’s how the crust and orogeny work and… Well you’ll figure it out. 

13. Tree Huggers

But maybe not that tree over there. It’s got sap and it looks kind of sticky.

And this one has moss on it. Eugh.

14. We’re Not Trashy

Also don’t litter.

15. Green Schist Shenanigans

It’s green for Earth Day and also has rocks. What more could the Earth ask for?

Probably for us as a species to treat it better.

16. Just 100 Companies Are Responsible for 71% of Global Emissions

There is no meme, just corporations who don’t want to tackle climate change.