20 Saint Patrick’s Day Trivia Facts to Look for Gold With

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2023)

If you’re feeling trivia night on Saint Patrick’s Day, you might need a trivia team name. Luckily, we have you covered in that regard. But how exactly are you going to win if you don’t know anything about Saint Patrick’s Day? Well let’s cover that second base here with some Saint Patrick’s Day trivia. 

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20 Saint Patrick’s Day Trivia Facts 

1. Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish. He was born in Britain, which was occupied by the Romans for all of Saint Patrick’s life.

2. Even if leprechauns were real, you would never be able to find their pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Ever.

3. That’s because rainbows are actually full circles!

4. Leprechauns have a lesser-known relative known as the clurichaun. Some believe they’re actually just leprechauns on bender, which is not a consistent belief, but it is really funny.

5. The Order of Saint Patrick had blue heraldry. Meaning Saint Patrick was bigger on blue than green.

6. They still dye the Chicago River green.

7. They do it with 50 pounds of dye. 

8. The corned beef hash we associate with Saint Patrick’s Day actually has nothing to do with the grain. Corn actually refers to large salt grains used as meat curatives. 

9. The National Retail Federation estimates Americans will spend $5.1 billion dollars on Saint Patrick’s Day… stuff in 2021. 

10. It’s estimated that people drink like 13 million pints of Guinness on Saint Patrick’s Day. Which is an 819% increase from any other day in the year. 

Imagine if it was all had by one dude.

11. Saint Patrick is associated with banishing snakes from Ireland. But the Emerald Isle’s fossil record suggests there weren’t any snakes for him to banish.

12. Shamrocks are 3-leaf clovers. They’re different from the lucky 4-leaf one. 

13. Speaking of the 4-leaf clover, they have a 1 in 5,000 chance of naturally occurring. Nobody knows why they exist aside from a fluke of genetics. 

14. The most leaves on a clover is 56, set in 2009. Talk about lucky.

15. While 4-leaf clovers have some ground in Christian stories, their significance in Celtic folklore predates those Christian tales. Saint Patrick probably saw the clover and picked the 3-leafed shamrock because of the Holy Trinity. 

16. The first Saint Patrick’s Day parades may be credited to a Spanish colony in Florida in the year 1601. While the parades may have originated in America, Saint Patrick’s Day in general isn’t American. 

17. Speaking of Americans, they used to hate Irish immigrants. Like a lot.

18. Leprechauns probably amassed their fortunes through the power of shoe shining. 

19. Also they’re said to be the unwanted children of the fairy world, which is why they’re so angry all the time. Also they’re fairies.

20. Saint Patrick was born Maewyn Succat

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