Valentine’s Day Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2021)

Well it’s February, which means you’re either lamenting the existence of Valentine’s Day or the entire concept has become so meaningless to you you just see it as a source for on-sale chocolate the day afterwards. We don’t judge, but maybe some of these Valentine’s Day trivia team names will help you win trivia night if they don’t do you any matchmaking favors.

1. We’ve Got Skin the Game

If you’re down for that, you can also get skin on skin in the game. Though do turn off the camera if it’s through Zoom?

2. Heart on for Victory

Make sure you enunciate. 

3. Risqué Quizness

Why not spice up trivia night? Where’s your sense of adventure? No, don’t tell us it’s with your desire to not get kicked out.

4. Some Bunny Loves You!

But it’s not us for now, since we’re competing against you and we want to win. 

5. Cupid’s Crush

You could probably make at least some other team jealous, right?

6. Single in the City

Sorry, buddy.

7. Raging Romantics

We’re pretty sure rage is not the greatest trait to seek in a romantic partner, but whatever works for you, we suppose.

8. Love Is in the Air

Which is definitely the reason we’re wearing masks.

9. The Soulmate Soiree

Not sure if you’ll be able to get everyone else to sing along with you, though. 

10. Love Stinks Let’s Get Drinks

No we don’t have a problem. We’ll be drinking our Valen-tinis in the other room.

11. Wearing Our Hearts on Our Sleeves

If your heart is actually on your sleeve, you might want to see a doctor.

12. Disappointing Candy Hearts that Taste Like Chalk

You know the ones


Alright, we get it.

14. What Is Love?

It’ll definitely hurt you.

15. Tyrannosaurus Sex

But what are you going to do with such tiny arms?

16. Will You Be My Valentine?

Well if you’re asking everyone at once, someone might say yes, right? 


17. All’s Fair in Love and Trivia

Googling all the answers isn’t, though.

18. All You Need Is Love

We were going to go with being able to pay rent, but that works too.

19. Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates

Lots of random references and you only want them when they’re on sale. 

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