What is the Theme of the Month?

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2021)

Virtual games occasionally feature one pop culture theme monthly that include an abundance of games about that topic, including a tournament with a cash prize and some of the most beloved reruns. Please note, due to summer, there will not be “Theme of the Month” tournaments for July and August.

(We will also pick one topic related to diversity, heritage, social justice, or awareness each month. Virtual trivia games will see facts related to this topic sprinkled amongst the general knowledge questions. Special event customers will be able to substitute in an entire question set about this social topic, or a few questions related to it, at no additional cost. Learn more about the topic of the month here!)

Theme of the Month for June 2021 was…


Week 1: Movies
Week 2: Music
Week 3: TV
Week 4: Pop Culture

Highest Cumulative Score
Congrats team CrazySexyCoulier! – $150 Prize

Random Draw “4 Week Participation Required”
– Congrats team Don’t Go Jason Wadderfalls! – $75 Prize
– Congrats team Flannel Grunge! – $75 Prize

The 90s tournament scores:

1CrazySexyCoulier (Tournament Champion!)276
2Flannel Grunge274
3Matt Fillin LeBlanc244
4Stinky Ate My Ocarina238
5Well Anyway234
6Team Madness225
7The Dead Tamagotchi’s214
8Arthur Digby Sellers213
9Cafe Disco208
10Disgressionary Funds205
11Rex Manning Day202
13Don’t Go Jason Wadderfalls193
14Trebek’s Rejects190
15The Offspring is No Help154
17Cyndy’s iPad126
18Trivia Spice114
19Olmecs and Ocarinas113
20The Biffles104
21Cut It On The Bias78
22Quizteama Aguilera77
23Three Idiots76
24Duck Tales69
26Girls Night In58
27I Like TV44
28We’re the Mary, You’re the Rhonda!40
29Flying Burritos32
29Jordan Catalano Book Club32
29Her Vajesty’s Secret Cervix32
33Achy Breaky FART!!!31
33Pop Tarts31
35Rex Manning Day30
36Boardwalk Empire26
37Taking Chill Pills22
38Talk To The Hand21
39Supply Chain Brians19
40Risky Quizness18
41Tripps and Sipps1
42Let’s Get Quizzical0
42Getting Quizzy Wit It0

If you’d like to dispute a score above, ask a question about the theme of the month, or comment on any theme-related topic, please email themes@sporcle.com!

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