Private Events FAQs

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2021)
Private Event FAQs

Thank you for reaching out about Sporcle’s Private Events! Below are some FAQs that we typically receive from event customers.

Whether it is a virtual event or an in-person event, these events can be a great way to team build with work colleagues, reconnect with friends and family, or a fun way to have a fundraiser for your group. Sporcle has delivered thousands of events over the past decade, bringing people together to have a little fun through trivia.  Let us know how we can help plan your next event!

Events During COVID

How can Sporcle provide a safe way to deliver trivia that allows people to stay seated and socially distanced?

We handle scoring via a website! Our scoring system, called PlayLive, makes events paperless and contact-free. One person from each team submits the answer via their phone or laptop, and it goes directly to the host for scoring. This way, attendees don’t have to get up after every question to hand in answers, making the event more safe. Not to mention, eliminating hundreds of tiny paper answer slips is good for the environment.  PlayLive is used at both virtual and in-person events.

Event Timing

How long do your trivia games last?

We recommend a one-hour game for virtual events. We find that people get “virtual fatigue” if the event lasts much longer than this.

For in-person events, we recommend a two-hour game. This is the sweet spot that allows time for trivia as well as ordering another cocktail or getting seconds at the food table.

Note that all our game formats are designed to run in one-hour increments, so you can choose from one hour, two hours, or more.

How much total time is needed to deliver an event, from start to finish?

At a virtual event, the trivia host will open the Zoom room approximately 20 minutes prior to the specified start time of trivia. This allows time for the host to set up the breakout rooms, welcome everyone to the event, and go over the rules.  The host will keep the Zoom room open for an additional 15 minutes after the trivia portion ends for you and your group to be able to socialize.

For example, the total event time for an event that has one hour of trivia would be 1 hour and 35 minutes – 20 minutes for setup, 60 minutes for trivia, and 15 minutes for socializing.

At an in-person event, hosts will arrive 45 minutes prior to the start time of trivia. This gives them time to set up their station, including sound equipment and any materials. Prior to the start of trivia, the host will go over the rules and how it all works, but you will also have some time for announcements or speeches. We then allow for 15 minutes after trivia wraps up for any closing words or to award prizes to winning teams.

With an in-person event that has two hours of trivia, the total event time would be 3 hours – 45 minute for setup and intros, 2 hours for trivia, and 15 minutes for wrap-up and tear-down. 

What if I need some extra time added to my event?

We understand these events can be a good time to give announcements, toasts, or presentations! We suggest that you use the time after the trivia portion of the event, where we give 15 minutes of open time, for these needs. If you would like extra time above and beyond this, there may be some extra costs involved. Let us know!

Questions and Game Format

What game type should I choose – Stump! Trivia Quiz, or OpinioNation?

It depends on your group! We typically recommend Stump! Trivia Quiz, as it is our most popular experience for trivia, and is the most used game for events. OpinioNation is recommended for those wanting something different than trivia: it is a survey-based game where the brainiacs don’t always win.

What are the questions like?

The trivia questions provided at events are based on a wide range of categories and intended for a typical U.S.-based, adult-age group. We find these questions are inclusive for most of our customers.

What if I have some participants in my group that are outside of the U.S.?

Please let us know! While our standard set of trivia questions is U.S. centric, we can craft a question set with a more international flavor to meet your needs.

What if I have a specific age group, or a group with a variety of different ages?

The age make-up of your group may require some customization to the trivia questions. For example, if your group includes kids, college students, boomers or older, we are happy to provide a more custom set, at an extra cost, that better suits your group.

What if I have an ultra-competitive group and we want a more challenging set of questions?

For private events, we typically write trivia questions at an intermediate level of difficulty, so as to be inclusive but interesting. We can provide a more difficult set of questions if you’re up to the challenge, so just let us know!

Are we able to request custom questions outside of what is mentioned above, or provide our own questions?

We will consider any request when it comes to customizing content – you can provide some questions specific to your group, you can choose specific categories, or you can choose a theme for the whole game (like Harry Potter or The Office). There are extra charges associated with this and, more importantly, we need ample time to create this content so we encourage booking early.

Most of our event customers find that the general knowledge set of questions works best for a dynamic group and everyone has a chance to contribute!

What if I need to add our logos or a special slide or two into your PowerPoint?

We are happy to add any extra slides or logos into our presentation, as long as you can provide the slides at least 7 days prior to your event. 


How are teams organized?  What do you recommend for virtual events?

This depends on the needs of your group and the size of your group!

At virtual events, we suggest allowing us to randomize teams and participants. This prevents you from having to get your group to decide who is going to be on a team together and what their team name is.  If you choose this option, our hosts will randomly build teams of 3-10, depending on the size of your group, when they log in to the Zoom event. If you prefer to assign teams, we are also happy to set them up! We ask that you provide us with a list of team names 48 hours prior to the event.

For in-person events, most times teams are dictated by the number of chairs at each table at the location the event is being held.

Event Details/Zoom/Payments

How does a host get assigned to my event?  Can I request a specific host?

We have a large team of fun, engaging hosts who will provide a great event for your group.  We are happy to select the right host for you, but if you have worked with a host through a previous event and would like them to host for you again, please let us know.  Please note that staffing depends on availability, so we may not be able to accommodate every request.

Is music played during our event?

Yes! Our hosts will play some background music to lighten the mood and provide a fun atmosphere for your event. Let us know if you have any specific requests!

What platform does Sporcle host virtual events on? Can we use something else, or our own company Zoom account for a virtual event?

We use Sporcle-hosted Zoom accounts to ensure that your events take place without any issues. The Zoom breakout room feature closely mirrors the experience teams have at our live, in-person events. While there may have been some security concerns with Zoom when it was first used in early 2020, these have been resolved and we find that most people have used Zoom at some point over the past year. Additionally, we have specific settings to help our hosts run the event smoothly and maintain the security of the event (no one wants an unexpected drop in!).

Please contact us if your group or business has preferences or requirements for a different platform.

When do I receive the Zoom link/info for a virtual event?  How is this shared with other members of my group?

We send out the Zoom link/info to you once we have your event staffed. This is usually provided at least 48 hours in advance of your event, depending on when your event was booked.  You will need to share this info with the other members of your group.

I am ready to move forward with my event! What are the next steps?

Great! Once you are ready to book your event, we will send you a short survey that covers all the details for your event to make sure we have not missed anything.  When that is filled out, we will send over a service agreement that can be signed electronically.  Once we have the fully signed agreement, your event is entered into our system and our schedule.  Please note that your event is not on our schedule until you have signed the agreement, so please sign it as soon as you receive it!

How do I pay for the event?  When do I get invoiced?

We use a national payment system called  All invoices are sent via this system and it allows for electronic payments via credit card as well as payments by check. With the pandemic ongoing, we do request that payments are made electronically whenever possible. The invoice itself will be issued from our financial team within 48 hours of us setting your event up in our system (after we have both signed the service agreement).

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