25 Animal Trivia Facts to Go Wild With

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2021)
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Trivia nights are often themed and themes mean specialized knowledge. So let’s specialize in animals today, because animals are cool and you definitely should not keep most of these as pets. Plus, if you don’t end up having animal themed trivia nights in the near future, you can always just throw these around at the local zoo and annoy people. So here are 25 animal trivia facts to specialize in next trivia night. And also like 2 plant facts. 

 25 Animal Trivia Facts to Go Wild With

1. The “ManhattAnt” is a species of ant that only lives in a small area of NYC.

2. The highly venomous Gaboon viper has the longest fangs of any snake. Their fangs can grow up to 2 inches (5cm) in length. 

3. The world’s longest snake is the reticulated python. They’re found in Southeast Asia, and can hit 30 feet in length. 

4. Also reticulated pythons can swim across ocean stretches and they colonize islands

5. Tiger beetles basically run faster (~5.6 mph) than their brains process information. They sprint in a straight line before stopping and turning to realign themselves.  Scaled up to human size they’d be far faster than even Usain Bolt.

6. Sometimes tiger beetles bounce off walls like bumper cars. 

7. Mountain goats can jump nearly 12 feet in a single bound. Maybe we should make them play basketball instead.

8. It’s common for birds to rub living and dead ants all over their bodies. It’s called anting and nobody knows why they do it.  

9. A turkey’s gender can be determined by the shape of its poop. 

10. Male turkeys have J-shaped poop, while female turkeys have spiral looking poop.

11. Turkeys are named after the country. When Europeans first encountered turkeys, they were reminded of the African Guinea Fowl, which had come to Europe through the Ottoman Empire.

12. In Ancient Greece, pigeons were used to deliver results from the Olympics. They’re believed to be the first domesticated bird, and have been used to deliver messages for millennia. And now they’re the worst.

13. The black and white coloring on penguins works as camouflage while swimming. The black backs of penguins blend into the dark ocean water when seen from above, while their white bellies blend with the bright, sunny surface when seen from below.

14. The reindeer is the only species of deer where females grow antlers.

15. Coyotes are, on average, twice as fast as roadrunners in nature. Oops. 

16. Red squirrels make tree-dried mushroom jerky during winter. Maybe we should try that instead of eating more potato chips.

17. Snapdragon seed pods, when dried look like skulls. It’s not about being a flower, it’s about sending a message.

18. Bagworm moth caterpillars look like bug loggers. 

19. Skeleton flower petals turn translucent when wet but white when dry. It’s another plant and not an animal fact, but come on. It’s cool. 

20. Dragon tail butterflies look really cool. That’s it, that’s the fact.

21. Rabbits can get so stressed they get heart attacks. The scent of weasels is very stressful to rabbits.

22. Also, some do a “weasel war dance” and flip around wildly, presumably to spread their scent around. 

23. Wolverines will pick fights with bears, to the point where some apex predators leave wolverines alone because they’re so crazy. Even though the wolverine probably doesn’t stand a realistic chance against a bear.

24. There are squids that can fly above the water for lengths of over 30 feet. There’s a new irrational fear for those who don’t like squids. 

25. The heaviest bird in the world that is capable of flight, the great bustard, can weigh up to 44 pounds. 

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