18 Spring Trivia Team Names That Will Cure Your Allergies

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2021)

We’re approaching the spring months which means things might finally start looking less grey and gross in the near-distant future. At the very least you might be awake for more of the actual daylight hours, which is quite nice for your internal clock. Maybe. Anyway, while daylight hours are seasonal, trivia isn’t. So in preparation for springtime trivia nights (days?) here are some spring trivia team names to bloom over the competition with.

18 Spring Trivia Team Names That Will Cure Your Allergies

1. Flower Power

We’re pretty sure knowledge will be a lot more powerful than throwing flowers at the competition (or your webcam). Let us know how it goes.

2. Last Bud Not Least

We would definitely prefer to be first and the most, though.

3. Just Here for a Good Thyme

Do people even grow thyme in the spring? We’re just continuing with the plant theme. 

4. No We Haven’t Filed Them Yet

If it’s April, you know.

5. Easter Keg Hunts

You didn’t know the Easter Bunny was a raging alcoholic?

6. Too Lit Tulips

Roses are red,

The sky is clear,

Just put a spring pun right here.

7. We’re Really Allergic to Pollen

So we have a feeling spring will be breathtaking this year.

8. Bad Seeds

Well for every too lit tulip, there have to be a handful of seeds that never sprouted.

9. Spring Cleaning Up All the Points

No we can’t throw away all of our trophies.

10. Spring Chickens

We prefer to have our poultry year-round. 

11. Busy Bees

Just sting anyone who scores better than you. 

12. Winning’s In the Air

Hopefully we’re not as allergic to victory as we are to pollen. 

13. Aloe Trivia Vera Much

No seriously it’s getting warmer and our skin is cracking.

14. Just Spring Roll With It

If you’re online, you can just turn the camera off while you eat and nobody will know.

15. You’re Just Dandy, But We’re Lions

Nobody tell them lions don’t eat flowers. Also don’t eat those fuzzy dandelions. Blegh.

16. Pollen Power

That’s right, who needs the power of pretty flowers when you can set off everyone’s seasonal allergies?

17. Our Noses Are Running More than We Are

Thank god we’re still inside. 

18. Spring Fever

No please get more allergy pills we need help.

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