A List of US States and Their Borders

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2023)

Okay, so maybe you can name all 50 states, but how well do you really know America? Do you know which state has the most neighbors? What if we asked you which states border Kentucky? Could you name them all? Let’s face it, if you’re like most, you’ve probably gone a really, really long time without thinking about Nebraska (or insert your random state of choice). So here’s a list of US states and their borders to help you out, plus a few extra US border facts.

List of US State Borders

The Lonely States

Sorry Alaska and Hawaii, you have no American neighbors. Though at least Alaska is friends with Canada. Also you can see Russia from Alaska, so that’s kind of like having a neighbor, if the fence between your yards was the ocean and international politics. 

Number of Bordering States State Bordering States
0 Alaska (AK) None, but they have Canada!
0 Hawaii (HI) None

The Contiguous United States

Number of Bordering States State Bordering States
4 Alabama (AL) Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia
5 Arizona (AZ) Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, California, Colorado
6 Arkansas (AR) Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri
3 California (CA) Oregon, Arizona, Nevada
7 Colorado (CO) New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska
3 Connecticut (CT) New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts
3 Delaware (DE) New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland
2 Florida (FL) Georgia, Alabama
5 Georgia (GA) North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida
6 Idaho (ID) Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Oregon
6 Illinois (IL) Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan
4 Indiana (IN) Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky
6 Iowa (IA) Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri
4 Kansas (KS) Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Missouri
7 Kentucky (KY) Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio
3 Louisiana (LA) Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi
1 Maine (ME) New Hampshire
4 Maryland (MD) Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania
5 Massachusetts (MA) New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire
5 Michigan (MI) Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota 

Wisconsin and Minnesota borders shared through Lake Superior

5 Minnesota (MN) North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan 

Wisconsin and Michigan shared through Lake Superior

4 Mississippi (MS) Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas
8 Missouri (MO) Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky
4 Montana (MT) South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota
6 Nebraska (NE) Missouri, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas
5 Nevada (NV) Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, California
3 New Hampshire (NH) Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts
3 New Jersey (NJ) Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York
5 New Mexico (NM) Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Arizona, Colorado
6 New York (NY) Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey

Borders Rhode Island by Block Island (RI) and Long Island (NY)

4 North Carolina (NC) Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina
3 North Dakota (ND) South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana
5 Ohio (OH) Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky
6 Oklahoma (OK) Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas
4 Oregon (OR) Nevada, Washington, California, Idaho
6 Pennsylvania (PA) New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey
3 Rhode Island (RI) Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut

Borders New York by Block Island (RI) and Long Island (NY)

2 South Carolina (SC) North Carolina, Georgia
6 South Dakota (SD) Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana
8 Tennessee (TN) Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky
4 Texas (TX) New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana
6 Utah (UT) Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho
3 Vermont (VT) New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts
5 Virginia (VA) North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland
2 Washington (WA) Oregon, Idaho
5 West Virginia (WV) Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio
4 Wisconsin (WI) Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa
6 Wyoming (WY) Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana

Other US Border Facts

  • Hawaii and Alaska are the only states without any neighbor states. At least Alaska has Canada.
  • Maine is the second loneliest state, bordering only one other: New Hampshire
  • Tennessee and Missouri border the most states, each with 8 neighbors. 
  • Hawaii is the only state without any straight borders. They’re all natural as a result of Hawaii being an island. 
  • Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming are the only states that use exclusively surveyed borders. That’s why they look so neatly squared.

Here’s a list of rivers we use to set up borders. There are 57.

  1. Arthur Kill
  2. Big Sandy River
  3. Big Sioux River
  4. Blackwater River
  5. Bois de Sioux River
  6. Brule River
  7. Byram River
  8. Catawba River
  9. Chattahoochee River
  10. Chattooga River
  11. Colorado River
  12. Columbia River
  13. Connecticut River
  14. Delaware River
  15. Des Moines River
  16. Detroit River
  17. Great Miami River
  18. Halls Stream
  19. Hudson River 
  20. Kill Van Kull
  21. Menominee River
  22. Mississippi River
  23. Missouri River
  24. Montreal River
  25. Niagara River
  26. Ohio River
  27. Palmer River
  28. Pawcatuck River
  29. Pearl River
  30. Perdido River
  31. Pigeon River
  32. Pine River
  33. Piscataqua River
  34. Pocomoke River
  35. Poteau River
  36. Potomac River
  37. Poultney River
  38. Rainy River
  39. Red River of the North
  40. Red River of the South
  41. Rio Grande
  42. Runnins River
  43. Sabine River
  44. St. Clair River
  45. St. Croix River 
  46. St. Francis River 
  47. St. John River
  48. St. Lawrence River
  49. St. Louis River
  50. St. Marys River
  51. Salmon Falls River
  52. Savannah River
  53. Snake River
  54. Tennessee River
  55. Tug Fork River
  56. Tugaloo River
  57. Wabash River

So you know who borders who, but see if you know where they border here.

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