16 Pick-Up Lines to Use Over Zoom

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2021)

Alright quarantine’s been kicking around too long for us to just pocket pick-up lines to save for after everything ends. With American vaccine distribution off to a bad start, and the UK’s distribution plan causing some buzz within the scientific community, we might be inside for a while. It’s time to pull out the big guns: flirting with people in the conference call. So here are some pick-up lines you can try using over Zoom. Or through the screen, or whatever. Just see if you can’t zoom into some DMs, or whatever.

Pro tip: do not flirt with people in the office conference call.  Also if you’re feeling like this is dumb, Zoom dates are a thing

1. Why don’t we go to a breakout room together?

We suppose this is the evolution of asking someone if they want to leave the party with you.

2. I’m not muted, you just have me speechless.

Just uh… Make sure you aren’t muted. 

3. If you come over I’ll pay for any possible fines.

For starters, this depends on whether or not there are fines for being outside in your region. Secondarily, this has got to be the evolution for picking up the check we guess. That or like… Paying for a streaming service subscription.

4. Well I have a stimulus package for your economy.

If a politician is saying this it’s 100% going to work on us considering the whole needing money thing and all. Not sure if we could blow it all on a date though.

5. Haha breakout rooms? More like make out rooms!

Do not make out with your webcam or whatever, though. 

6. Is this meeting recorded, because I want to see you again.

You could always just… Ask for their number and send selfies back and forth or something. Like normal people.

7. My companionship will be more stable than my WiFi.

If your WiFi is garbage, hopefully getting this across is like… The one thing that doesn’t cut out or turn your voice into a dying, autotuned robot.

8. Is your webcam broken? I only see an angel.

This is the evolution of asking if it hurt when they fell from heaven. Just don’t tell them that biblically accurate angels don’t necessarily look like beautiful people with wings.

9. Postmates? More like post-dates!

Yeah, make out rooms didn’t work last time but you can’t stop us from trying similar tactics. 

10. You must be my screen, because I could spend hours looking at you.

No seriously we had to get blue light filtering glasses because it’s starting to hurt our eyes please send help. And maybe the ability to afford a proper window.

11. Our love must be like the situation. Didn’t see it coming and it moved really fast.

Like most romance B-plots in movies.

12. Want to finish Netflix together?

Netflix and chill? More like “screenshare the entirety of Stranger Things and chill.” Then be sad The Office isn’t on Netflix anymore.

13. Come into my bubble.

We actually go outside in those big inflatable hamster balls and it’s really inconvenient to let other people in.

14. Want to make plans we have to cancel?

Having plans you didn’t really want to follow through on get cancelled is already like… The best feeling.

15. I saw you liked my post, are things getting serious?

Yes. No? Maybe. Probably not.

16. Facetime and chill?

Well if you can’t watch The Office here you go.

Zooming into someone’s DMs? Also zoom into some pictures here.

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