19 of the Coldest Winter Themed Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2020)

Well Fall is reaching its conclusion and now we’re starting to approach the winter months. Which means you can start blasting holiday music to the chagrin of anyone who doesn’t really care for it. But that’s assuming you didn’t start doing so the second you couldn’t blast Halloween music anymore. Anyway, as we gear up for the Winter ahead, we might as well prepare some team names for trivia night!

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The Coldest Winter Trivia Team Names

1. License to Chill

When you’re not good enough to ascend the secret spy ranks, you get to just lie back in a reclining chair in front of the fireplace. 

2. The Ice Breakers

But we swear if you start forcing us to all play weird icebreaker games we’re all leaving the call.

3. Snow Angels

Hopefully there’s actually snow outside for you to play in, though.

4. The Fast and The Flurries

Keep using this name every year and you can just keep turning it into Fast and Furious sequels. We’re excited for The Fast and the Flurries: Tokyo Drift.

5. The Big Freeze

It’s not just a name, it’s a threat.

6. We’re Up to Snow Good

Unfortunate that this sounds like a bad thing, because people who want snow probably want it. They probably think that until everyone gets snowed in for like a month at a time, though.

7. Snow Much Fun

A good counter to those who use “We’re Up to Snow Good.” Or that’s just what they’ll be up to when their schemes pay off? 

8. It’s Freezin’ Season

We like to season our Winters with some freezes. Helps keep things interesting!

9. Shaved Ice

If you lose though, you 100% have to shave all your heads. But if you shave all your heads going into trivia night, you should win for commitment.

10. Polar Bears

The most dangerous bear makes for the most dangerous team, right?

11. The Snowflake Squad

You can be as unique as you’d all like to be. But uh… You do know that snowflakes aren’t all as individually unique as they might seem, right?

12. White Walkers

13. Below Zero

You might have to clarify that it’s not your team score.

14. Vanilla Ice

Ice Ice Baby! Also we left the chocolate syrup at home so we couldn’t make chocolate ice.

15. Frosty Flakes

Eating too much sugary cereal, or another variation of a snowflake? 

16. Hot Chocolate and Chill

The fancier the hot chocolate, the less likely it is we have someone to chill with. Help.

Look, we already finished Netflix, stop judging us.

17. Goose Bumps

Untitled Winter Trivia Team.

18. Ice Screamers

Well eating ice cream in the cold is generally a little counterproductive so, why not just scream a lot instead?

19. All I Want for Christmas is Brew

After 2020… We all need a drink.

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