Top Quizzes of 2020

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2020)
Top Quizzes of 2020

Well, Sporclers. We did it. We finally reached the end of 2020. This year has been tough for so many, but we hope you were able to at least find some escape from all the madness on our little trivia website. 

While there is much to be sad about as we look back on the year that was, it is important to find bright spots where we can and remember that it wasn’t all bad. Our staff is always amazed by the creativity and intelligence of our users. Each year, we see exciting quizzes and quiz makers rise the ranks, and 2020 was no different. The year end is always an appropriate time for some reflection, so much like in the year’s past, we’ve taken a look back at some of the top quizzes of 2020.

Below, you’ll find the following categories: Top Quizzes Played in 2020, Top Quizzes Published in 2020, Top Quizzes Made in 2020, and Top Quizzes Made in 2020 (Non-Minefield).

Right off that bat, you’ll notice that 3 of the top 4 quizzes played in 2020 were US State quizzes. Interestingly, we noticed these quizzes really start to take off around the US Presidential election. Perhaps all those red and blue election maps on the news reminded people that they didn’t know the United States as well as they thought? 

It’s also worth noting that Geography in general still reigns supreme on Sporcle. 12 of the top 15 most played quizzes in 2020 were all in the geography category. Even more incredible, of the top 15 quizzes actually published in 2020, every single one was a geography quiz. 

We start to see a bit more diversity when exploring the top quizzes actually made in 2020, with Movies, Sports, and other categories starting to sprinkle in. And a special shoutout to these fun playlists, which were all made in 2020 and produced multiple quizzes on these lists: On a Map, Tic-Tac-Trivia, Map Clicking, Movie Image Minefields, Alphabetical Movie Title Characters, and 30 Pics in 60.  

What fun new quizzes and quiz series will emerge in 2021? We can only wait and see, but if it’s anything like past year’s then we’re in for a treat.

Top Quizzes Played in 2020

In this list you’ll find the most played quizzes of 2020, regardless of when they were originally published.

1. Find the US States – No Outlines Minefield

2. Find the US States

3. Countries of the World

4. US States

5. Spacebar Clicker

6. Countries of Europe

7. Countries of Africa

8. Clickable 1-100 Mines

9. Find the US States Ultimate Minefield

10. 10 Most Populous Countries in Order

11. US Presidents

12. Countries of the World – No Outlines Minefield

13. Country Trivia Logic Puzzle

14. Countries of Asia

15. Find the Countries of Europe – No Outlines Minefield

Top Quizzes Published in 2020

In this list you’ll find the most played quizzes that were actually published in 2020.

1. Erase the USA (No Skips)

2. Weakest Link: Capital Cities

3. Erase the USA by Capital (No Skips)

4. Erase Africa (No Skips)

5. Countries of Asia Without Outlines Minefield

6. 10 Largest European Countries in Order

7. Flag Border Maze

8. Let’s Draw the US Borders (Minefield)

9. Last Letter US States Blitz

10. First Letter Europe Blitz

11. Risky Map Clicking: Biggest Neighbor States

12. Erase Asia by Capital (No Skips)

13. Risky Map Clicking: Smallest Neighbor States

14. Flag Map Minefield: Europe

15. 10 Smallest Asian Countries in Order

Top Quizzes Made in 2020

In this list you’ll find the most played quizzes that were made in 2020. We’ve excluded quizzes with ratings below 3.0.

1. Last Letter US States Blitz

2. First Letter Europe Blitz

3. First Letter US States Blitz

4. Disney Animated Movie Images (Minefield)

5. Group Clicking: Europe

6. NBA Photo Minefield: Championship Winners

7. Star Wars Movie Images (Minefield)

8. Last Ten: US Presidents in Order

9. Countries by First Letter Minefield

10. Tic-Tac-Trivia: Europe

11. Tic-Tac-Trivia: 1990s Movies

12. Blind Ultimate Minefield: Africa

13. 30 Pics in 60: Europe

14. Group Clicking: USA

15. Tic-Tac-Trivia: History

Top Quizzes Made in 2020 (Non-Minefield)

In this list you’ll find the most played quizzes that were made in 2020, not including minefield quizzes. We’ve excluded quizzes with ratings below 3.0.

1. Group Clicking: Europe

2. 30 Pics in 60: Europe

3. Group Clicking: USA

4. NBA Top Four Starting Lineups (2010s)

5. Click the ‘D’ Movie Title Character

6. Click the ‘C’ Movie Title Character

7. 4×4 Image Crossword: Countries

8. 5 in 15: Asian Countries

9. Click the ‘B’ Movie Title Character

10. Top 10 UEFA Nations by FIFA Rankings (2000-2019)

11. Match Game: 2010s Best Pictures

12. Who Am I? Famous People XIV

13. Click the ‘A’ Movie Title Character

14. Bullseye Blitz: General Knowledge! II

15. 30 Pics in 60: Fruit

*Do keep in mind that determining a “top quiz” can be a bit relative. We all have different ideas of what makes a great quiz. So each year we make these lists, we simply look at what quizzes are played the most, realizing that quiz plays are not necessarily the only measure of success. But we have to go with some sort of criteria though.

What did you think of these lists? Let us know some of your favorite Sporcle quizzes in the comments below.

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