14 Trivia Team Names for the New Year

Well it’s almost the New Year again, which means thank god 2020 is almost over. But also for everyone who thinks 2021 will magically fix everything; the 2000s can legally drink in America now. So let that sink in for a minute; we’re pretty sure the 2000s being allowed to drink in even more countries probably spells more chaos. Anyway, for those celebrating the New Year with trivia, here are some team names.

1. No Pain, Only Champagne

We’re going to need a lot more if 2021 is anything like its other siblings. 

But also, maybe a little pain. A lot of pain. 2020 sucked.

2. Got a New Gym Membership

We both know you won’t be using it, but good luck. 

3. Making Pour Decisions 

No we haven’t had too much champagne, why are you asking? No, we are not accepting questions at this time.

4. Resolutions Were Made to Be Broken

Tell that to the gym membership team. 

5. Viva la Resolución

We’re pretty sure there might also be a revolution at some point but uh… Let’s think about something else. Good luck on the resolutions, though.

6. Our New Year’s Resolution Is 4k

Well it’s important to invest in a good monitor! Especially if we’re going to keep up with all this quarantine stuff.

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7. Hindsight Really Is 2020

Is it though? Because 2020 sucked and we never want to see it again.

8. Happy Moo Year’s.

Nothing to see here, we just like cows.

9. Where There’s Wine, There’s A Way

We’re going to be unstoppable.

10. It’s Time to Wine Down

Never mind, we’re definitely stoppable. Already stopped. 

11. Sip Me Baby One More Time

Repeat with every sip to make New Year’s go by even faster, and may have to pay for a very expensive hospital trip.

12. Keep the Glass Half Full

No it’s not an optimism thing. We just think we’ll feel better about everything if our glass is literally always half full.

13. 2020 Really Dropped the Ball

Well 2021 will also do that, probably. But it’s about sending a message.

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14. Our Resolution to Be Healthy Didn’t Workout

We didn’t either.

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