10 Literal Last Minute Gifts for Expert Procrastinators

(Last Updated On: December 24, 2020)

Forget today’s Christmas and also forget that your family celebrates it? Got too stressed with the everything that’s been going on lately, and weren’t able to scrap something together. Understandable, honestly. Anyway here are some ideas that you can hopefully scrounge together before it gets awkward, really pushing it on the “last minute gifts” aren’t we?

Let’s see how last minute and awkward these can get with as little money as possible. If it really did come down to needing to pick something off this list on Christmas day, that might be more of a you problem than an us problem. 

If you’re super resourceful: The Gift Guide to End All Gift Guides

1. A Subscription Service

Kicks in immediately, they might use it for a while, doesn’t come with “your gift is coming later”? Sign us up for the perfect stealth gift! Unless you end up having to pay for their like… Netflix subscription for the rest of time or something. That would suck. For you. 

2. Those Food Bouquet Displays

If you’re really good at making the fruit in your fridge look good, this one’s for you. If you’re not, these run around the $50 mark, so depending on how valuable you think fruit is it might not be the best? At least it’s pretty.

3. A Box of Mints

You’re giving them the gift of good breath, and also the knowledge that you think their breath smells bad.

But we both know you chose these because they were sold out of candy at the nearest convenience store.

4. An iPod

Are those even a thing you can buy anymore? Not sure, but if it’s a gift exchange and you don’t get your own iPod back sucks for you

5. Amazon Wishlist.

We’re not sure if everyone has one of these, but if your giftee has an Amazon wishlist (or any other wishlist on an online storefront) try poking around there. If it comes down to it just print the receipt as proof of purchase and tell them it’s coming in.

6. Hope They Didn’t Get You Anything Either

Hey, if they didn’t get you anything, there’s a little less obligation for you to get them something.

If you lose this gamble though it won’t end well for you. 

7. Hope Some Crisis Arises That You Can Solve

“Merry Christmas it just so happens that when your car battery died I could fix it.” Uh… Don’t go off and cause a crisis, though. 

8. Just Some Straight Up Cash

It sounds super callous, but when you think about it, cash is probably one of the best gifts. The recipient can spend it on whatever they want, and when they do spend it, they could spend the money when stuff’s on sale. Meaning you gave them more value for your buck without either of you even knowing! Not only is this a monetary gift, but it’s also the gift of choice. And isn’t free agency one of the best things about being human? No we’re not opening the “do we have free will” can of worms.

You will probably get thrashed for not putting any thought into the gift though, so hopefully you know what you’re doing. Or you write a really good card.

9. A Gift Card

Fine, you were too cowardly to go full send on the cash. Just get a gift card. It’s like the exact same thing except your giftee can only spend it at one place. Though it would be really funny if you spent some of it as a prank. 

10. Just Write Them Something Really Nice

It’s free, takes only your time, and we promise you don’t even have to be good at writing to do it. As long as you put together something relatively thoughtful, it’ll be good? But we suppose procrastinating this hard might have been a result of not having that many nice things to say. Fair point if that’s the case.

Do you still have a $20 in your wallet?

We talked about gift cards so see if you can’t pick some out here.

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