16 Doorbusting Black Friday Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2020)

Black Friday Trivia Team Names

So of all the times to go rampant with Black Friday shopping, this might not be the best time to do so. Knowing 2020 it will actually start a zombie apocalypse or something beyond the criticisms of contemporary consumerism. Anyway, since you shouldn’t be making team names for your intricately planned store routes, here are some that you could have used that you can now apply to trivia night. If you’re unfortunate enough to have to work with the Black Friday mobs, maybe these names will give you and your coworkers cope. Anyway, here are some Black Friday trivia team names. For those who have to work Black Friday, we’re sorry.

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1. The Tramplers

Yes, it happens. Yes, human life is more valuable than whatever’s on sale. Hopefully that went without saying.

2. Retail Campers

Wrong kind of camping?

So… There are definitely people who spend more time camping outside stores or other venues than they do camping at actual campsites, right?

3. The Sale Squad

Honestly you should go with this name only if you all have weirdly matching outfits. Though that actually may be useful for picking each other out of the crowd upon reflection. 

4. Doorbusters

If you kick a door in, you have to yell “FBI open up” and then probably get the actual authorities called on you for destruction of property, or something. 

5. Black and Blue Friday

Haha, Black Friday? More like Black Eye-Day.

6. Bought the Last One

Don’t telegraph it though. It might not end well for you. 

7. Fellowship of the Shop

8. Discount Toasters

Honestly, if you’re wading through Black Friday crowds for a single toaster, you might as well pick up a clearance coffeemaker.

9. Stuffing then Shopping

Well you’re probably stuffing your shopping cart with stuff you’ll never need. But it’s mostly because Black Friday has really started bleeding into Thanksgiving Thursday.

10. Black Friday Survivors 

Retail employees definitely get first dibs on this name.

11. Shopping and Dropping

Might happen if you ate a bunch of turkey and it made you tired anyway

12. The Bargain Bin

When you think about it Black Friday just turns the entire store into a giant bargain bin.

13. House Stark Sales

14. Click Now Cyber Monday Sale Ends in 2 Hours

You’ll annoy the host with a dummy long name and you’ll convince everyone you’re spam email. The ultimate con that will probably only hurt you.

15. Every Other Day Is Just Overpriced

Well we suppose you could think about it that way.

16. Let’s Just Stay Home

Yes, please.

Might as well play that Rebecca Black song too. Make sure it’s the right one here.



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