18 Fall Themed Trivia Team Names for Your Pumpkin Spice

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2020)

If you like the fall you probably started salivating the second you saw an orange colored leaf. Either because you could get your hands on food pumped full of pumpkin spice science goo, or because you just like the autumn vibe. Who knows? We’re not here to judge. But if you want to show off your autumn pride, here are some fall trivia team names for you to use.

1. Falling for You

This is perfect if you want to try making the host like you more than everyone else. Or if you want to flirt with another team.

2. Sweater Weather, Together

Well it’s always better to celebrate sweater weather with others. Especially if you find some nice comfort movies or whatever.

3. Pumpkin Spice League

If you’re into it, you’ve definitely consumed a lot of pumpkin spice infused food by now. Plus, you can attack this name to any competitive anything you’re hosting, not just your team name.

4. The Corn Maze Haze

For those who want to get in the way of others trying to make their way out of corn mazes.

5. Picks of the Patch

Hopefully your team is made up of your top picks. Otherwise it might be some awkward news to deliver.

6. Harvest Hooligans

Well you know, messing with the yearly harvest is a great way to get ostracized. Probably shouldn’t take this too literally.

7. Oh My Gourd

If you’re one of those people who gets too many pumpkins, you’re morally obligated to become “Oh My Gourds.”

8. Fall Guys

And now the song is stuck in your head again.

9. Looking for the Perfect Crisp

Either you’re looking for the best potato chip or the best leaf to step on. You know the one.

10. Trick or Cheat

Don’t cheat. But for more Halloween trivia team names, we have you covered.

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11. The Golden Days

This only makes sense if your place has pretty looking trees.

12. We’re Turning Over a New Leaf

Hopefully you’re turning it onto the winning side though, otherwise you’ll just look kinda dumb.

13. The Gourd of the Rings

If you lose, you will 100% have to bring your favorite pumpkin to the nearest volcano.

14. The A-maize-ing Race

For those who wish to get competitive during the corn maze. Hopefully you don’t leave the competition corn-fused. Go ahead and race that other team to the volcano.

15. (Pumpkin) Spice Girls

Sing along but only if you put the word “pumpkin” before the word spice.

16. Leaf Us Alone

Yeah, the perfect leaf crunch is only for us, alright?

17. Orange You Glad it’s Fall?

Well you’d be glad if it were your favorite season.

18. Pumpkin Pi

Just in case you’re a math nerd doing trivia instead of crunching numbers. Hopefully you also know all the digits to Pi.

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