50 More Trivia Facts to Confuse Strangers With

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2020)

Well last time we brought out a bunch of random trivia facts to impress strangers with. So we figured it was time to hit the opposite end and pull out some trivia facts to confuse people with. Not that it really matters what the facts are–it’s all in the delivery. So we suppose you can appropriate these facts however you’d like. But we’re pretty sure the first person you try to confuse with these trivia facts will, in fact, be confused. 

The List of Trivia Facts:

1. Fruit bats don’t use echolocation, they use their eyes and sense of smell. So there’s one more thing you have in common with fruit bats. 

2. A 1966 Volvo P1800 has the highest recorded mileage count at 3.04 million miles.

3. Blue jays mimic hawk calls.

4. Kookaburras are native to New Guinea and Australia, but are used as a generic stock sound effect for “jungle” or “forest” spaces. They’re used a little less now.

5. The Girl Scouts require that Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, and Shortbreads be available every year. So if those are your favorite, don’t worry about it.

6. The Milano cookie was turned into a sandwich cookie because the chocolate kept melting.

7. Kind of like how M&M’s used the candy shells to keep the chocolate from melting. Except that was for the military.

8. Neil Armstrong insisted he meant to say “That’s one small step for a man.” People have a lot of theories about it.

9. Owls have long tubes for eyes instead of eyeballs. 

10. You can also see the backs of their eyeballs through their ears

11. Also owls have weirdly long legs. 

12. The first European scientists to discover the platypus assumed it was fake. Would you not? Look at them.

13. Most aphids are born pregnant. This is because aphids can reproduce asexually, so they’re basically pregnant with their own clones. 

14. Aphids do mate sometimes, typically during the autumn seasons.

15. Hershey has trademarked the shade of orange used on Reese’s packages.

16. T-Mobile has trademarked the entire color of magenta too.

17. Anish Kapoor owns the rights to the blackest black paint ever made. 

18. But Stuart Semple made Black 3.0! Everyone is allowed to use it–except Kapoor.

19. Fruit flies were the first living creatures to be sent into space. Hopefully they didn’t get loose or something.

20. Giant huntsman spiders can have a 12 inch leg span. That’s the size of a dinner plate. Might need to invest in bigger shoes.

21. An alligator’s sex is determined by the temperatures it is exposed to while in the egg. It’d bring a new meaning to “you’re hot then you’re cold” if it had an effect outside the egg.

22. Ray Charles improvised his classic ‘What’d I Say‘ on the spot for its first performance. We choose to believe he just really wanted to know.

23. There are more types of beetle than there are types of plant. Beetles rise up.

24. Whale sharks have eye teeth. In case sharks didn’t have enough teeth. It’s actually kind of a property of shark skin, so really they’re straight covered in teeth. It’s why you should pet sharks one way, but not the other.

25. Vulcan Point is a recursive island–an island in the middle of a lake, in a volcano, inside of a bigger lake, which is itself inside of a bigger island. Say that ten times fast.

26. Aphantasia is a condition where you cannot visualize things in your head.

27. Cows kill more people than sharks. They get about 22 of us per year opposed to the 6 per year sharks get. Not an excuse to eat 4 extra steaks for dinner tonight, but you’re welcome to try.

28. Although more remembered for their Alaska colony, Russia had a colony in Northern California from 1812 to 1841. Maybe they’re still salty about the California Gold Rush?

29. The Supreme Court really likes to reference Shakespeare and Lewis Carroll in their decisions. Maybe it’s just some kind of secret long-play quiz from your high school English class.

30. Because of damage caused to the prehistoric paintings, France banned the public from visiting the caves at Lascaux and built an exact replica. Thanks people who ruin things.

31. Pluto hasn’t made a full orbit around the Sun since it was discovered in 1930. It’s taking its time.

32. Feral pigs cause more than $1 billion in damages in the US each year. We’d suggest they start paying up but we kind of eat them.

33. Over 20% of the world’s natural gas consumption was out of the USA. Which is a little under double the natural gas consumption of the entire European Union.

34. The earliest President to be photographed was John Quincy Adams. You might be wondering about his Instagram followers. He had none.

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35. Rocky III earned a nomination for Best Foreign Language Film at the Japanese Academy Awards in 1983.

36. The first European settlers in Seattle originally named the city New York. That’s not confusing at all.

37. Sloths have a symbiotic relationship with algae. A sloth’s absorbent fur provides algae with shelter and water, while the algae gives a sloth camouflage and extra skin nutrients. We suppose nobody else could put up with how slow they are.

38. Because it was built on a lake, parts of Mexico City sink more than a foot every year. Maybe that’s your origin story for Atlantis?

39. Tokyo’s subway system records over 3 billion rides per year. Go public transport!

40. Ronald Reagan bought so many jellybeans that Jelly Belly made an all-jellybean portrait of him.

41. Lyndon Johnson had a button installed on his desk so he could instantly get served Fresca. Ours just makes clicky noises.

42. Andrew Jackson kept a cow on the White House lawn to ensure that he always had fresh milk. Not like you could have milk on tap we guess.

43. Dolphins have names for one another and respond to signature whistles. Nice to meet you *click click click click*!

44. There are five recognized species of flying snakes. Okay, flying snake is a misnomer–they actually glide through the air–over 300 feet. Indiana Jones is displeased.

45. The creator of Bitcoin is someone named Satoshi Nakamoto which is a pseudonym and no one know who that is.

46. A long term side effect of camel bites is your bones getting reabsorbed by your body (osteolysis). 

47. Also don’t be mean to camels, because they will bite you, and they can wait for you to not be alert to do so.

48. Miss Piggy was originally named ‘Piggy Lee’. This was a reference to famed jazz singer Peggy Lee.

49. Bill Buckner had more career hits than Ted Williams.

 50. John Adams wanted to celebrate Independence Day on July 2nd, the day Congress voted for independence. July 4th just kind of rolls off the tongue better, though.

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