11 Cheap Halloween Costumes with Zero Effort

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2020)

If you’re looking at the calendar you’ve probably found that Halloween is fast approaching. Given how going out might not be the best idea for celebrating in 2020, you’ve probably (understandably) put off dressing up at all for the day. Either that, or you’re not big on Halloween celebrations and have always put off costumes/not done them. Whatever your style, we don’t judge. So if you’re in need of a quick, easy, budget costume to make your friends think you know what’s up over Twitter, we got you covered. Or, you’ll need cheap Halloween costumes for next year and don’t want to put in any effort. The best part about these, is that they’re so low effort you can probably get most of the legwork done by sneaking into your office’s supply closet.

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1. The Smarty Pants

Sick of everyone thinking you’re either the smartest or dumbest person in the room? Well lucky you, because you can do this for some Scotch Tape and the bowl of candy they put out in the office to be festive. Grab that tape roll from the supply closet and cover yourself in Smarties. 

You will definitely be both the smartest and dumbest person in the room.

2. Just Wear a Black Suit

At least one of them is close enough, right?

If your job already requires you wear black pants and a blazer, grab the sunglasses you wore exactly 1 time for a different joke and become one of the Men in Black.

Bonus points for also stealing a supply closet pen and clicking it at your coworkers so they’ll forget how totally original you are. 

3. Be a Smart Cookie

Bonus points for festive cookies?

Did you bake too many cookies and find that you didn’t have enough friends/family to eat them all? Did all the Smarties fall off your jeans? 

Well if you’ve got some tape left over, strap some cookies to yourself and become the smartest cookie in the room!

You will 100% leave crumbs everywhere. And everyone will think you’re the dumbest person in the room.

4. Error 404

You could even just print this onto a white shirt.

Just get a white shirt and write some kind of generic “costume not found” message. If you work anywhere around computers everyone is probably going to do this, though.

5. 50 Shades of Grey

Works with any color as long as you have access to a department store. Just get those color samples and cover yourself in them. 

6. 3 Hole Punch You

Does your supply closet have black paper? Done. Everyone in The Office seemed to like it anyway.

7. Where’s Waldo?

If you want to make everyone have to find you, grab a striped shirt, beanie, and jeans. Perhaps the even more budget play would be to stay home and tell everyone you were Waldo. They just didn’t find you.

8. The Blue Man Group

Have some blue paint? Easy costume right there. You might need a bald cap if you’re not bald. Alternatively, shave your head to overcommit to a dumb joke.

Bonus points for being good at percussion.

9. Literal Trash

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

We don’t know, but if you’re not on your last garbage bag, cut some holes in it and maybe get some big googly eyes. 

10. Literally Just A Uniform You Happen to Own

If you do or ever did something that required a uniform or any other special outfit, you’ll get bonus points for authenticity. You’ll also lose a bunch of points for being lazy.

11. Sheet Ghost!

Pug might pull it off better, though.

Tried and true, never fails. You won’t get caught on all the knickknacks lying around the office either. Promise.

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