50 Badges You Can Earn By Playing Just One Quiz

50 Badges You Can Earn By Playing Just One Quiz

Sporcle has over 1,000 Badges, which means we have a little something for all prospective Badge Hunters. While some Badges require maximum effort and commitment, where users must play many quizzes, perhaps over the course of days or weeks, other Badges are a little more straightforward–and that’s where this list comes in. The Badges listed below can be earned by playing a single Sporcle quiz. That’s right. One. Sounds pretty easy right? Well, there is a catch… you also have to score 100% on the quiz.

Maybe you’re in need of a mentally stimulating challenge but only have a few minutes to spare? Or maybe you want to get your feet wet earning Badges, and are looking for some easily accessible ones? Then again, perhaps you just really like to memorize lists so you can impress your friends? Whatever the case, here’s a list of 50 fun Badges you can earn by playing just one quiz…

50 Badges You Can Earn By Playing Just One Quiz


1. African Ace: Get 100% on Countries of Africa

2. Around the World: Get 100% on Countries of the World

3. Asian Adventurer: Get 100% on Countries of Asia

4. CAPITALIZER: Get 100% on US Capitals

5. Continental Champion: Get 100% on Clickable Countries by Continent

6. Erase the Badge: Get 100% on Erase the World

7. European Eminence: Get 100% on Countries of Europe

8. Nifty Fifty: Get 100% on US States

9. Niftier Fiftier: Get 100% on Find the US States – No Outlines Minefield

10. North American Notable: Get 100% on Countries of North America

11. Oceanian Olympian: Get 100% on Countries of Oceania

12. South American Superstar: Get 100% on Countries of South America

13. Vexing Vexillology: Get 100% on Flags of the World

14. World at Your Fingertips: Get 100% on Find the Countries of the World


15. 007: Get 100% on James Bond Movies

16. From the Vault: Get 100% on Disney Animated Movies

17. Just Keep Swimming: Get 100% on Pixar Movies

18. The Infinity Gauntlet: Get 100% on Marvel Cinematic Universe: Oldest to Newest

19. To Infinity and Beyond: Get 100% on Pixar Movies: Oldest to Newest


20. Quite Presidential: Get 100% on the US Presidents quiz

21. The Pontiff-icator: Get 100% on Names of Popes

22. Yes, Prime Minister: Get 100% on Prime Ministers of the UK

Random Fun

23. Best 2 Out of 3: Get 100% on Click-Paper-Scissors

24. Caught ‘Em All: Get 100% on 151 Original Pokémon

25. Clean Sheet: Get 100% on Premier League Clubs All Time

26. Concentration Frustration: Get 100% on Clickable Concentration

27. Driver’s Seat: Get 100% on Car Logos

28. Puppy Power: Get 100% on Dog Breeds by Puppies

29. Triple Crown: Get 100% on Triple Crown Winners (U.S.)

Math & Science

30. Badge to the Bone: Get 100% on 206 Human Bones

31. Math Magician: Get 100% on Simple Math Minefield (1-100)

32. Running the Table: Get 100% on Periodic Table

33. The Cardiologist: Get 100% on Heart Stopping Challenge

Language & Literature

34. Oh, the Places You’ll Sporcle!: Get 100% on Dr. Seuss Books

35. Order of Merlin, First Class: Get 100% on Harry Potter Top 200

36. The First Folio: Get 100% on Shakespeare Plays

37. What the Dickens!?: Get 100% on Charles Dickens Novels

38. Word Decimator: Get 100% on Commonest English Words

Music Albums

39. Another Badge on the Wall: Get 100% on Pink Floyd Albums

40. Badge in the USA: Get 100% on Bruce Springsteen Albums

41. Badge Oddity: Get 100% on David Bowie Albums

42. Badge, I’m Madonna: Get 100% on Madonna Albums

43. Beatlemania: Get 100% on Beatles Albums

44. Bennie and the Badge: Get 100% on Elton John Studio Albums

45. Gimme Shelter: Get 100% on Rolling Stones Albums

46. Is This the Real Life?: Get 100% on Queen Albums

47. Like a Rolling Badge: Get 100% on Bob Dylan Albums

48. Red Hot Chili Badges: Get 100% on Red Hot Chili Peppers Albums

49. Whole Lotta Badge: Get 100% on Led Zeppelin Albums

50. With or Without U2: Get 100% on U2 Studio Albums

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