22 Wild Animal Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2020)

22 Wild Animal Trivia Team Names

We like trivia, you like trivia, but there’s a little something more that binds us all together. Well, hopefully it does, because if you don’t like cute fluffy animals we probably can’t be friends. So, under the assumption that you like the goodest dogs or the softest kittens as well, here are some wild trivia team names to share and show it off. If you have like, a pet tarantula or something, we’ll still give you a pass.

1. The Omnipotent Octopodes

Well not only is your team name something you should not have as a pet, it’s probably a bit of a neat trivia fact in and of itself. Turns out, “octopodes,” while not the favored plural form of “octopus,” it’s still kind of valid?

2. Jumping Jellyfish

Well… Sorry, this one isn’t a trivia fact. Jellyfish cannot, in fact, jump. They kind of die outside of water, and they barely have a brain anyways.

3. Kung Fu Pandas

Remember that movie? That was a strange time.

4. Devil Duck

Significantly less intimidating and way more historically inaccurate than the “Devil Dog,” ducks are already incredibly angry and gross all the time anyway. You could perhaps call them… Quackers.

5. Spider Pigs

Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does…

6. Drunken Sea Monkeys

Hopefully you’re also really good at martial arts as well. Even better if you can do it all underwater.

7. Pigs Might Fly

Well, they certainly might if we give them Spiderman powers.

8. The Eyes of the Tiger

Alright well, tigers probably don’t have more than two eyes so maybe this won’t work unless you’re in a pair. But that’s the thrill of the fight, isn’t it?

9. Going Balls to the Narwhal(ls)

Just don’t stab people with your tusks. Also, the narwhal’s horn is actually just a super long tooth. 

10. Cats in the Hat

Do not bring a cat to trivia night stuffed in your top hat.

11. Cats.

We saw that movie. Still can’t sleep. Here’s a normal, happy cat for eyebleach purposes. 

12. Bearistas

It might mean you’ll have to make everyone else coffee if you lose, but it does mean you’ll get to sleep for an entire season no matter what.

13. Chasing Tails

Or you can go after a bunch of cryptids, then you’d be Chasing Tales.

14. The Honey Badgers

This is just straight up an animal, but dang if honey badgers aren’t super metal.

15. Untitled Goose Team

If anyone asks, steal their drink and answer, and then honk aggressively.

16. Don’t Paws

Hopefully it also means you can think fast enough to not ask the host to pause asking the questions.

17. Cow Tippers

Cow tipping is probably not great for the cows but you know.

18. Blobfish

No team name here, we just feel like blobfishes

19. Doomsday Bunnies

A roller derby team, sure, but also why not be a swarm of tiny, fluffy rabbits that want to consume the souls of all mankind for the express purpose of generating the most chaos possible? 

Oh is that just us?

20. Our Anacondas Don’t

If you have an anaconda as a pet, it also probably shouldn’t. 

21. Tax Cheetahs

We could make a politically poignant statement here, or we could let this simmer.

22. Monkey Fighting Snakes

We’re really sick of them being all over our Monday to Friday planes.

Need more trivia team names? Go wild here.

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