5 Ways to Use Sporcle in the Classroom

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2020)
Ways to Use Sporcle in the Classroom

Sporcle is a trivia website with online quizzes about every subject imaginable. Like Wikipedia, much of this content is user-created and edited. People can learn just about anything in just about any way on sporcle.com, which makes it a great resource for teachers to use in the classroom.

5 Ways to Use Sporcle in the Classroom

1. Quizzes on sporcle.com can be used to make homework fun again! Instead of photocopying a worksheet to send home, teachers can create one quiz to share with students. Existing quizzes can also make great homework assignments – either link directly to a specific quiz, or assign students the task of finding a quiz that relates to the subject at hand. Teachers can even require that students have an account and achieve a specific badge to get passing marks for homework! (Such as the Quite Presidential badge for History class, or the Running the Table badge in Science.)

2. If you’re looking for a group activity for the class, consider dividing students into groups and having them compete to see who can get the highest score on a quiz. Or, collaborate as a whole class by projecting a quiz and seeing how quickly the group can shout out all the answers to a quiz while you type them in.

3. Quizzes, by their nature, make excellent tests. While you could use a quiz in place of a written exam at the end of a unit, they also make great pre-tests. Introduce a subject and gauge how much students have to learn about it by using a quiz as a pre-test. Then, after you teach a lesson about the topic, have each student take the quiz again to see how understanding improved!

4. Incorporate quiz creation into projects. If students are presenting their research for a project, have the rubric include creation of a quiz. The presenter should design the quiz such that every answer is mentioned during their presentation, so that all other students can achieve a certain percentage on the quiz to demonstrate that they were paying attention and staying engaged throughout the presentation!

5. Last but not least, look no further than Sporcle quizzes if you want an extra credit option that requires minimal work on the part of the teacher but still demonstrates effort and time on behalf of the student. Assign specific quizzes for a 1% grade increase, or establish a guideline that every score above 80% on a quiz about the class’s subject matter adds 0.1% to the student’s grade. Check their account name for completion, or have them share a screenshot of the final score.

How do you use Sporcle in the classroom? Comment below to share an idea or request a feature, and head to Sporcle Kids for a curated set of quizzes perfect for use in your K-8 classroom!