20 Freshest Vegetable Trivia Team Names

Vegetable Trivia Team Names

If you’ve been on the healthy diet train with us and have already checked out fruit themed trivia team names, you might be ready to move on to some extra greens. Having a balanced diet is important after all–though whether or not we’re serving up carbohydrates next is still in the oven. Anyway, here are some fun (and fresh) vegetable trivia team names. We like to think they go down easier than Brussels sprouts.

20 Freshest Vegetable Trivia Team Names

1. The Beetles

Of course, you could also shorten this to just “The Beets.” Doug fans will know what’s up.

“don’t eat…t-t-t-t-t-t-too much fried food!”

2. Cauliflower Power

If eating some cauliflower gives you untold feelings of power, you may need to reevaluate your diet.

3. Yamming On

If you don’t stop talking, people are going to start ignoring you for yammering on too much. Just tell them “I yam what I yam.”

4. Playing Head Games

Don’t get it? Lettuce know.

5. Some Cute Cucumbers

Vegetable trivia team name, and pick-up line? Worth a shot.

6. The Radish Kids

It’s a nice pun, and if you’re not at all rad, you’ve given yourself some wiggle room by only being a little rad. Rad-ish.

7. We’ll Kale You for the Answers

We’re pretty sure some people would rather die than eat kale? Maybe you should just show some Kaleifornia love?

8. We Put an Extra Turnip Ahead

Get ready to re-calibrate your GPS now that we’ve put some extra forks in the road.

9. Instayam Influencers

Well you could always take pictures of your vegetables too. Flex how healthy you are to the masses.

10. The Mean Beans

If this name just isn’t meant to bean, move onto the next one and give peas a chance.

11. Need Some Peas and Quiet

Warning: going to a virtual or live trivia event is not very conducive to a quiet environment.

12. Everyday I’m Brusselin’

Always nice when a clever name sprouts up.

13. Romaine Forever Yours

If you’re not into each other, maybe you can romaine friends?

14. Keep Calm, Carrot On

If anything happens, please romaine calm.

15. Kicking Asaparagass

You’ll seem really arrogant if you don’t win, though.

16. The Laughing Stalks

Well, it is always good to poke some fun at yourself to deflect criticisms.

Sidenote: do vegetables see veggie lovers as creepy stalkers?

17. Prepare to Be Squashed

Might be a little better than crushing the opposition?

18. Going to Need to Raise Our Celery

Well, hopefully you’re paid in green. Not like… Plants, though.

19. A-Maize-ing Grace

It’s a corny song, to be sure.

20. Leaving to Take a Leek

Try not to steal our vegetables on the way.

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