50 Random Trivia Facts to Impress Strangers

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2020)

Random Trivia Facts

If the dictionary is going to tell us trivia is a bunch of “unimportant facts,” then the dictionary doesn’t know the value of impressing random strangers. We’re not entirely sure what contexts you’ll be spitting mad trivia in, but we’re sure if you’re constantly throwing around mad trivia, one day you will, in fact, impress a bunch of random strangers. 

List of Random Trivia Facts

1. There’s a T-Rex named after Thanatos, and referred to as “The Reaper of Death.” Its full name is Thanatotheristes degrootorum.

2. Axolotls can regenerate entire limbs, and more. They also can regenerate parts of their central nervous system and brain. But wait, there’s more. You could theoretically cut the legs off two axolotls and swap them. Do not do this at home, or in general. 

3. Reindeer eye color changes between gold in the summer and blue in the winter. 

4. Squirrels are essentially immune to death-by-falling. They can survive falls at terminal velocity–meaning they can fall the fastest any object can go and theoretically walk it off. You’d have to drop a squirrel like 4,000+ miles for it to die. That’s how long it would take to starve.

5. There are like 10,000 trillion ants on Earth. Time to bow down to our ant overlords.

6. Also ants can take over the world, and a single mega-colony is crawling around on every continent except Antarctica.

7. About 125 hours of stuff is uploaded to YouTube every 15 seconds. You can look at a counter here

8. When you think about it, the moon landing was the first known alien invasion of the moon.

9. ‘Simba’ is a Swahili word for lion.

10. Bunny Harvestman Spiders look like dog heads, and they keep us up at night. Accepting flamethrowers to keep… Just in case of Harvestman outbreak. What are they harvesting anyway? Trivia?

11. There exists a fish named the Boops Boops and its name is really cute but it’s not really known for anything else.

12. The very first US car race had a top speed of 15 mph. So Usain Bolt could definitely win that (28 mph). 

13. The average car is parked 95% of the time. 

14. Bald eagles don’t sound as majestic in real life, and are dubbed in movies.

15. The string on old boxes of Animal Crackers was there so you could hang it from your Christmas tree. We hope at least one person used this as a “well you wanted a pet for Christmas so we got you animals.” That’s kinda dark.

16. Some neutron stars can spin over 600 times per second. The fastest is named PSR J1748-2446ad, spinning at like 716 times per second. Must be really dizzy.

17. Scaly foot snail grows iron sulfides outside of their body to make “scale mail.” We suppose if the animals were to launch some kind of knightly Crusade, we’d see some of these guys.

18. Alligators give manatees the right of way in an underwater traffic jam. Now we need like, hippo rideshare. 

19. It’s a thing! Animals ride on hippos sometimes. Apparently crocodiles?

20. Scientists believe Arctic bowhead whales can live for more than 200 years.

21. Shaquille O’Neal only hit one three pointer in his entire career.

22. Americans eat an estimated 150 million hot dogs every 4th of July. Nice.

23. The words ‘electoral college’ and ‘electoral vote’ do not appear in the Constitution.

24. The Statue of Liberty is struck by lightning about 600 times every year.

25. Because of his cameos in nearly every Marvel movie, Stan Lee is the highest grossing actor of all-time.

26. Samuel L. Jackson is the second highest actor after Stan Lee– he’s about $3 billion behind Lee.

27. Michael Jordan’s nickname in high school was Magic, after Magic Johnson.

28. The Chicago River flows backwards.

29. Your cat is over 95% tiger. Tigers might not be too happy about that.

30. There are over 3,000 currently known comets. But scientists estimate there could be more than a billion in our solar system. We should probably look harder.

31. The Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’ has a part only dogs can hear.

32. The design of the apartments in The Jetsons were based on the Space Needle, which opened the same year.

33. The average American eats 300 cookies each year. Hopefully not at the same time as all those hot dogs.

34. The speed of a computer mouse is measured in “Mickeys.” 

35. The world’s largest known organism is an aspen grove. It’s named Pando, it’s a giant network of trees, and it’s like 80,000 years old. Some call it The Trembling Giant.

36. Before writing The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins worked on the staff for many Nickelodeon shows, including Clarissa Explains It All. Maybe they’re connected.

37. Footprints on the Moon will likely be there at least 10-100 million years.

38. The flags left on the Moon are most certainly bleached white.

39. Milan, Italy is farther north than Toronto.

40. The Statue of Liberty was shipped as 350 separate pieces that needed to be re-assembled over four months.

41. Temperatures on Mercury can range from 800°F during the day, to -290°F at night.

42. The first speeding ticket was issued for going 8 miles per hour in a 2 mph zone in 1896. Which means you could have gotten a ticket for walking briskly back then.

43. Driving to the moon from Earth would take like 6 months. Road trip, anyone?

44. Upkeep on Vladimir Lenin’s body costs the city of Moscow about $200,000 every year. He also has to be re-embalmed every eighteen months. Talk about an intense skin care routine.

45. Wilt Chamberlain never once fouled out of an NBA basketball game. Nice.

46. The lyrebird can mimic almost any sounds it hears–including artificial noises like car alarms and chainsaws.

47. The city of Amsterdam has more bikes (about 880,000) than people (about 800,000 as of 2015). We suppose travel won’t be too bad?

48. The guitar solo in The Beatles’s ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ was performed by Eric Clapton. 

49. Los Angeles and its neighboring cities sits atop the third largest oil field in the US.

50. Frederick Douglass was the most photographed American of the 19th century.

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