20 Revolutionary Hamilton Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2020)
Hamilton Trivia Team Names

Before 2015, I don’t think any of us imagined that a hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton would receive critical acclaim and persistent popularity, especially five years after its initial production. But Lin-Manuel Miranda not only imagined the potential—he realized it. Since its premiere, Hamilton: An American Musical has inspired a cultural revolution with its diverse and modern take on historical figures and events that are anything but diverse and modern.

Now that a live stage performance of Hamilton is available to stream on Disney+, the public at large can watch the musical with its original principal Broadway cast, headed by Miranda himself. As Hamilton’s popularity grows (at one might call a non-stop rate), so too does the public’s desire for Hamilton-based trivia. No? Just us? Well, in the event that you’re unsatisfied with the usual trivia team name lists, don’t worry! We won’t leave you helpless.

Revolutionary Hamilton Trivia Team Names

1. Young, Scrappy, and Hungry

Hungry for trivia, that is!

2. Raise a Glass to Quiz-dom

The circumstances may not be as dire in trivia quizzing as they are in revolution planning, but your glory in victory will be just as legendary.

3. Minds at Work

If you’ve been reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine, then you have everything you need to succeed at quizzing.

4. The Team Where Quiz Happens

You know how the game is played, the art of the trade, and how the sausage gets made. No wonder they all want to be on the team where quiz happens.

5. We’re Not Throwing Away Our Shots

Shots as in those you might be served at pub trivia, but also shots as in chances! You better lose yourself in the moment, because this opportunity comes once in a lifetime, after all.

6. Practical Tactical Brilliance

If your team has a right hand man as resilient, ingenuitive, and fluent in French as Hamilton, then you’d better get that player off the bench and into the game as soon as possible.

7. Venerated Pub Trivia Veterans

Many think of George Washington as a humble man, a born leader. But humility doesn’t answer trivia questions, so might as well leave it at the door.

8. Four Sets of Corsets

Smuggle the correct answers into your brain like Hercules Mulligan smuggles information from the British government—and daughters from their unsuspecting parents, evidently.

9. History Has Its Eyes on Us

A certain modern major general may argue that competing in a trivia game isn’t as important as fighting for your country’s freedom, but we beg to differ, George.

10. America’s Favorite Fightin’ Frenchmen

All together now: LAFAYETTE!

11. Assume We’re the Smartest in the Room

No one likes a pedantic perfectionist—except maybe Alexander Hamilton. Man, the man never shuts up about his 51 essays.

12. Puns and Quips

And so the balance shifts… in the favor of you, because you chose this witty name!

13. The Schuyler Quizzers

… and Peggy!

14. One Last Pint

We’re gonna teach ‘em how to say, “Another!”

15. Burr-fect Score

Aaron the side of caution with this team name, and hopefully the other teams won’t find your puns Burr-densome.

16. Hamil-done and Dusted

This game of trivia is as good as over as soon as you enter the pub (or Zoom call).

17. The Obedient Servants

Let the sarcasm flow through you, like you’re writing a letter of grievance to your sworn frenemy.

18. We Hope That You Learn

In the musical, Eliza Hamilton’s heartbreaking song following the Reynolds Pamphlet revelations calls for both her memories and her husband to “burn.” But your team can take the high road if you wish your opponents to instead “learn” from their mistakes.

19. King George’s Favorite Subjects

This team name might not win you any favors with the “revolutionary set,” but we know one monarch who’ll be particularly pleased.

20. Talk Less, Quiz More

“Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for”… unless what you’re for is a night of trivia, then shout it loud and proud!

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