19 Fruit Themed Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2020)

Fruit Themed Trivia Team Names

Fruit trivia team names? Maybe we subconsciously feel the need to eat healthier. Or maybe we’re just running out of pop culture ideas for trivia team names. Perhaps a bit of both? Anyway, we’ll let the idea of more trivia team names… ripen for a bit. And while that cultivates, here are some of the best fruit-themed trivia team names we’ve come across.

Fruit Trivia Team Names

1. The Banana Bunch

Simple and to the point, this is one a-peel-ing trivia team name.

2. The Blueberry Man Group

Your team must also remain completely mute. And you can only wear blue morph suits. 

3. Grow a Pear

Sure it’s a bit confrontational, but that’s neither here nor pear. Just remind the other bar patrons you’re only advocating for more trees.

4. Grape Expectations

If you lose, be prepared to shrivel up and become a raisin. You might even get stuck in a cookie or something. Chocolate chip-looking traitors…

5. Feeling a Bit Meloncholy

We all get down sometimes. Just remember, someone out there thinks you’re one in a melon!

6. It Takes Two To Mango

This team name probably only works if you’re competing in duos or you’re a team of couples, or something like that. We suppose it also works if you’re in pears.

7. Blurred Limes

Definitely a sublime trivia team name here. 

8. Tomatoes Are Fruits

How often do you get to use a trivia fact as your team name? But just because you’re correct doesn’t make you interesting.

9. Orange You Glad We Won?

Will definitely be embarrassing when you lose though.

10. Uncooked Rawberries

Your team is so undercooked Gordon Ramsay is going to run in to call you a rawberry or something. Hopefully nobody on your team is actually cooked, because that’s pretty unhealthy as far as living standards go.

11. We Don’t Guava Clue

Hopefully you do in fact guava clue, otherwise you’ll run into a lot of problems getting questions right.

12. The Bro-conuts

Apparently coconuts can be classified as multiple things in the botanical world. But among those classifications is fruit. Therefore, fruit.

13. You Want a Peach of Us?

Everything’s peachy until that other team starts talking trash. It’s okay to walk over and give them a peach of your mind.

14. You’re Plumbelievable!

Remember that “Unbelievable” song by EMF? We don’t either. But everyone knows that one part at least…“something, something, you’re unbelievable!”

15. Citrus Got Real

When life gives you lemons, make a trivia team name.

16. Squeeze the Day

It’s important to get all the juice out of our daily 24 hours. 

17. Resistance Is Fruitile

Make sure you repeat it over and over again like a bunch of all-consuming robots. It’ll be sure to throw the other teams off.

18. We’re Jammin’

Strawberry, grape, raspberry. It doesn’t matter. We’ll be “jammin’ ’til the jam is through.”

19. And We All Lived Appley Ever After

Hey, we wanted to end our list on a positive note…

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