What Features Are Included With Sporcle Orange?

What Features Are Included With Sporcle Orange?

By now, you’ve probably heard of Sporcle Orange–our premium membership program. Sporcle Orange gives users the best Sporcle experience possible. We encourage all trivia fans to check it out: Go Orange.

But you also might understandably have a few questions before wanting to hand over money for another subscription. Namely, what all comes with a Sporcle Orange membership?

Worry not! We’ve put together a list of all the special Sporcle features one gets by going Orange. Maybe you already know about the no ads and extra stats, but there is so much more. Take a look at the list below!

A Useful List of Sporcle Orange Features

No Ads

When you become a Sporcle Orange member, we will remove every single ad from every page on the site for you. This applies to both the desktop site and mobile web experience. And we even give you the option to permanently hide our Promo Bar.

Profile Bling

As a badge of honor and show of thanks, Orange members get a nifty little Orange on their user avatar. “Orange” also appears as a site role under your profile bio.

Quiz Creation Stats

Are you a quiz creator that loves stats? Going Orange unlocks advanced stats related to the performance of your quizzes. You get stats for things like quiz plays, favorites, and Curator Picks, and these can be further sorted by category, month, and quiz type. 

Orange users also get more stats on directly on their profile page, with breakdowns by Category and Quiz type. And even more, you can download the stats from your Quiz Management Dashboard to an Excel file.

Find Quizzes Easier

With literally thousands of quizzes on the site, sometimes finding content is half the battle! Sporcle Orange gives you access to more search filters (like filtering quizzes by subcategory or year), and you can also use the Unplayed quizzes tab on Category/Subcategory pages. We also let you know which quizzes you’ve already played in Quiz Lab, and we’ll give you something unplayed when you click on “random” quiz.

Recommend For You

We’re serious about making quizzes easy to find. Orange members have access to an entire page of recommendations catered just for you. On “Your Sporcle Recommendations” page, you’ll find quizzes and playlists we think you might like, as well as badges you might want to go after. Why spend time looking for quizzes and badges when Sporcle will do it for you?


And speaking of badges. If you consider yourself a badge hunter, click the “refresh” button on the Homepage’s featured badge of the day. Orange members will always see a badge they have yet to earn when they do so.


On the Showdowns tab of profile pages, Orange users can sort play history by categories, subcategories, and quiz types. We also display your win percentage proudly near the top.

More Messaging Features

Do you make frequent use of site messaging? By going Orange, we’ll strip away all message storage limits–so you can go back and see messages from years ago no matter how cringy they might be. You also get some inbox filter options, as well as the ability to mark messages as unread.

More Quiz Styles

Hey, not all of us have an eye for style. Orange members that want to add a little more… Pizzazz to their quizzes can do so with an increased library of quiz style presets. Or, if there’s a quiz in particular you like, you can just straight up import that quiz’s style.


Going Orange gives users the ability to see a timestamp on comments, so you know exactly when each comment was written. We’ll also let you see upvote/downvote totals for better context on how people are rating that “hot take” of yours. And if you type out an off-site URL, we’ll turn it into an active hyperlink for you.

Quiz Page Bonuses

Quiz pages get a few extra features when using Orange. We’ve added more details around quiz ratings, including a breakdown of how globes are distributed. And if you’ve played a quiz before, we’ll show off your best score at the top of the page.

Access to the Orange Saloon

The Orange Saloon is an exclusive Sporcle group for Orange members only. Here you can do things like: converse with fellow trivia lovers, request new site features, ask questions about the Sporcle, or troubleshoot any issues. Unfortunately, you must BYOB at this saloon…

And remember, this is just the start. There are even more Sporcle Orange features planned on the horizon!