11 Educational Websites for Kids to Kill Time

Educational Websites for Kids

There’s a lot of mind-numbing content on the internet that lets you open the page and turn off your brain. However, there’s also a ton of information out there! There are so many sites that aim to inform, educate, and mentally stimulate. If you’d like your kids to spend a little bit more time on this part of the internet, or if you’re a kid looking for an entertaining way to kill time, we highly recommend these sites.

List of Educational Websites for Kids

1. GeoGuessr is a game website that requires players to guess their location in the world based on a Google Maps Street View. Things such as road signs, vegetation, businesses, climate, and landmarks are some of the clues that may help the player determine their location. Learning geography and honing deductive reasons skills are two of the educational benefits of this website! (FYI – you need an account to play, and there are limited game plays for free users.)

2. Ever want to know how big California is compared to Peru, or how big Greenland is compared to the USA? The world map at The True Size Of … lets you compare any location’s size to another. It’s a great way to learn about maps and world geography!

3. You’re Getting Old! gives you a ton of neat facts based on your birthday. Learn how old you are in days, what interesting historical events have occurred in your lifetime, what celebrities are as old as you, your birthstone, distance you’ve traveled around the sun, and more. Once you’ve learned the facts about your own birth date, you can enter a friend’s or family member’s!

4. Not only is it so cool to be able to check this site to know how many people are in space at any given time, but How Many People Are In Space Right Now? links to each astronaut’s biography. There, you can learn about their experience, education, and expeditions.

5. Speaking of space, 100,000 Stars lets you literally explore space. It defies description; you have to see it for yourself!

6. Give Drench a try! This color-based game is simple yet fascinating. A task in pattern recognition, try to make the square one color by alternating paint buckets. What’s the highest level you can beat?

7. Ready to make your own game? Kids can use Code Combat to learn how to code. Games are interactive, and to move characters you must write lines of code. With increasing difficulties, this site makes learning to code fun!

8. Want to know more about what is probably the most complex machine most people use on a daily basis? Visit How a Car Works. This site is perfect for the burgeoning engineer.

9. For the smooth talkers among us, it might be time to learn another language with Duolingo. Bite-sized lessons personalized to your skill level, as well as an intuitive layout, make Duolingo the modern way to learn a language outside of school.

10. With 19 mini-games and growing, Neal.Fun is an entertaining little corner of the internet. See how quickly you can spend Bill Gates’s money, guess what items are worth at auction, or deep-dive to the ocean floor.

11. We couldn’t complete a list of mentally stimulating websites without listing ourselves. For kids in grades K-8, Sporcle Kids presents a curated selection of fun and informative quizzes. Once you’ve worked your way through those, venture out into the greater Sporcleverse with quizzes in every imaginable category about every possible topic. If you don’t find one about your favorite subject, sign up for account and make one!

What are some of your favorite educational websites for kids? Let us know in the comments below!