Sporcle’s Statement on Racism, Violence, and Police Brutality

Sporcle’s Statement on Racism

Sporcle stands in solidarity with the Black community against racism, violence, and police brutality. The murder of George Floyd and others has shined the light on the long-standing injustices suffered by the community. We will no longer sit idly and be complicit. We have a duty to our Black employees, customers, and community at large. 

Waiting for the next tragedy to remove this from the news cycle without doing anything allows the systems that created this one to persist. There are no easy answers here. This is a marathon that requires hard work and sacrifice. To that end, the company announces the following:

  • Election Day is now a company holiday. Voting for candidates that reflect your values is one concrete thing we can do to bring about change. This gives you the opportunity to participate in the voting process without the distraction or obligation of work. Even if you vote by mail, you can use this as an opportunity to talk to youngsters in your family and community about voting, drive the elderly to the polls, or volunteer for a candidate that you support. This isn’t just about the election at the federal level. Leadership at every level matters. Change comes from having the right mayor, sheriff, prosecutor, judge, senator, governor, and whatever other leader is on your ballot.
  • The company will give money to support causes fighting social injustice. Instead of making a one-time donation, we will set up a recurring donation to several organizations that will remain in perpetuity. We will create a committee composed of minority employees that will decide on the distribution of these funds. As a leadership team, we have already decided to give to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

It is the responsibility of companies to show leadership no matter what industry they are in. In the coming weeks, we will make other announcements committing ourselves to the work required to help bring about change. 

We stand as an ally to the Black community and other minority groups against all injustices.