Shakespeare Trivia Team Names

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Shakespeare Trivia Team Names

In his plays and poetry, William Shakespeare coined and popularized many words and phrases that still exist in the English language today. Indeed, no one waxes poetic like—or talks quite as much smack as—the Bard. When modern-day authors and playwrights run out of ideas, they can always turn to Shakespeare, who has offered such title inspiration as Brave New World and The Fault in Our Stars, among many others. Along the same vein, your trivia team can turn to Shakespeare if you need a name in a pinch. We’ll guarantee that, even if you don’t come up with something especially rosy, it’ll smell just as sweet. Here’s a collection of ideas for some Shakespeare-themed trivia team names to impress your opponents!

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Shakespeare Trivia Team Names

1. Capu-let’s Go!

If there’s another team called The Montagues, you’ll have a regular family feud on your hands.

2. The Lord Chamberlain’s Men

Before they became The King’s Men under King James I, The Lord Chamberlain’s Men was the name of the company of actors for whom Shakespeare wrote for most of his career. If you choose this name, you’ll undoubtedly be setting yourself up for success.

3. The Weird Sisters

Foretelling both Macbeth’s success and his doom, the three witches knew what was up, to say the least. Bring a cauldron as your team’s prop to complete the look.

4. Merely Players

All the world may be a stage, but the trivia quiz platform is where you truly shine!

5. Band of Brothers

Before it was a 2001 war miniseries, “band of brothers” was spoken by Henry V in his famous St. Crispin’s Day speech.

6. We Happy Few

Let’s just continue to draw from the same Henry V speech, because it’s that good.

7. A Marriage of True Minds

Your team is so in sync, no one can admit you any impediments.

8. Bar-Crossed Lovers

As long as you don’t try to send messages to each other through a well-meaning but ultimately unsuccessful friar, you’re probably good.

9. Bards of Avon

The other teams may tire of your poeticism, but you can always use that annoyance to your advantage.

10. Straight Outta Stratford

It’s time to represent.

11. Untamed Shrews

Petruchio can try to kill you with kindness all he wants—you won’t be tamed by him or by any rival trivia team.

12. Rude Mechanicals

Made up of Peter Quince, Nick Bottom, and Francis Flute, among others, the “rude mechanicals,” as called by Puck, put on the play-within-a-play in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You may be ill-equipped for the job, but you’re motivated as all get-out.

13. Ladies Who Protest Too Much

Hamlet’s mom, Gertrude, may take umbrage at your protestations, but you won’t accept anything other than the most possible points in this trivia game. After all, you’ve earned them.

14. Friends, Romans, Countrymen

Mark Antony won’t be getting any of your ears lent to him, though, because you need those to hear the trivia questions!

15. Upstart Crows

Critic and rival of Shakespeare Robert Greene once attacked the Bard by calling him an “upstart crow” in a publication. Wear this moniker as a badge of honor for your team, and⁠—should anyone complain⁠—simply give them a squawk or two.

16. Sons of York

You turn the “winter of our discontent” into “glorious summer,” but make sure you don’t accidentally do some murder to get your way. It didn’t turn out so well for Richard III.

17. Thumb-Biters

It’s time to start some fights over trivia.

18. Arrant Knaves

You may be knaves, but you don’t need to cheat or lie to win at trivia.

19. The Witty Fools

As Feste said in Twelfth Night, “better a witty fool than a foolish wit,” which is what all those other teams are. Burn.

20. Noble Kinsmen

Whether there are only two of you or a whole retinue, this team name will inspire chivalry among your members⁠—just don’t let love come between you.

21. Fellows of Infinite Jest

Let’s hope you don’t end up like another “fellow of infinite jest,” Poor Yorick, who was ultimately used as a prop by some moody Danish prince.

22. Something Wicked

“Something wicked this way comes” for those sweet, sweet trivia points.

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