20 Schitt’s Creek Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2020)
Schitt’s Creek Trivia Team Names

Who hasn’t purchased a small Canadian town as a joke and then had to move there because they lost all their money? Well, the Roses of Schitt’s Creek most certainly have. The show, consisting of six seasons, has received widespread popularity and critical acclaim, its style of humor a breath of fresh air among a slew of other television comedies. It’s also attracted the attention of expert linguists who, sources say, are still trying to pinpoint the precise origin of Moira Rose’s accent to this day. So the next time you find yourself at a trivia event, take a page out of the Roses’ book and pick one of these Schitt’s Creek trivia team names. After all, their ideas always go off without a hitch.

Schitt’s Creek Trivia Team Names

1. Folding It In

Hopefully you answer trivia questions more expertly than David and Moira fold in the cheese.

2. Simply the Best

The love between David and Patrick is better than all the rest.

3. Warmest Regards

Only David Rose and Stevie Budd can exchange “best wishes” and “warmest regards” and make it sound like they’re saying “bite me.”

4. Siamese Eels

Moira was so desperate to find nude images of herself on the internet that she had David use a variety of search terms in connection with her name. If “Siamese Eels” doesn’t work as a name for your group, you can always try “Effervescence” or “Small Umbrella.”

5. Moira’s Rose’s*

Dedicate your trivia team to “The Moira’s Rose’s Garden 4856,” a garden space that Johnny named after Moira (and also accidentally after the last four digits of his credit card number).

*Second apostrophe not required, but definitely funny

6. Expensive Sushi & the Cute Huge Yachts

This team name is a little bit Alexis and also a little bit awesome.

7. The Crows’ Eyes

Fly, don’t run. These crows have eyes, and they’re crowening for you.

8. The Herb Ert-zingers

When you think of fruit wine, you can’t help but think of Herb Ertlinger… or was it Irv Herblinger? Bing Livehaanger? We’re sure it’s one of those.

9. Sunrise Bébés

While Moira was drunk for much of the filming of her daytime soap opera Sunrise Bay, that didn’t stop her success—an inspiration for trivia quizzers everywhere.

10. The Rose Budds

Johnny may have misspelled Stevie’s last name in an effort to rename the former Schitt’s Creek Motel to the Rosebud Motel, but that’s nothing we can’t fix in trivia, right?

11. Twyla’s Anecdotes

Twyla is the kind-hearted, if naive, waitress of Café Tropical. If the topic of conversation strays to something even tangentially related to one of the many stories in her head, be prepared for a disturbing anecdote about her family.

12. The Jogging Bobs

No one runs quite like Bob.

GIF john hemphill schitts creek humour - animated GIF on GIFER

13. The Quiz-a-gals

You’re an exclusive team of a cappella singers moonlighting as ace trivia players. Everyone must audition, and no one can get in on “offer only.” Sorry, Moira.

14. The Throuple

This team name is perfect for three players; just be prepared to field some awkward questions.

15. The Allez-Vous Reps

Allez-Vous may have been a pyramid scheme in the guise of a legitimate door-to-door cosmetics company, but your trivia team is the real deal, and you’re going to win without the aid of questionable skin products!

16. Big Dirty Raccoon Davids

You can always go with the simple yet elegant “Ew, David!” for your trivia team name, but we thought we’d suggest something a little different with this one, which is what Alexis calls David when he steals her planned post-run yogurt.

17. Six Adult Tamagotchis

We can only hope that your trivia team fares better than the six adult Tamagotchis that David left in Alexis’ care. Let’s just say that they’re all currently living on the handheld digital farm upstate.

18. Dead Guys in Room 4

Just as things are starting to look up for the motel, a man is found dead in one of the rooms, and Moira feels responsible (an unusual feeling for her, I’m sure). This team name may bring some weird energy to your trivia night, but it’s certainly a tactic.

19. The Whispers of Desire

Creep out all the other trivia teams with this name, courtesy of Johnny Rose’s overactive imagination. Attract those trivia points to you like Johnny thinks he’s attracting Ted’s mom.

20. Life Is a Cabernet

This team name is inspired by the title of the season five finale, during which Stevie and Patrick perform in Jocelyn’s production of Cabaret. We’ve put a little vino-themed twist on it, too, of which we think Moira would approve.

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