22 of the Best Avatar Trivia Team Names

Avatar Trivia Team Names

With the recent addition of Avatar: The Last Airbender to US Netflix, new fans are discovering the magic that first captivated audiences fifteen years ago. The animated Nickelodeon series was both critically acclaimed and commercially successful, and it’s easy to see why: the characters are dynamic and believable, the stories dramatic yet relatable, and it seamlessly blends the styles of Japanese anime and Western cartoons to create something wholly unique. So for your next trivia night, whether in-person or virtual, why not take inspiration from this not-so-new craze sweeping all four nations? Below are just a few ideas for trivia team names based on Avatar characters, organizations, quotes, and, yes, even memes.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Trivia Team Names

1. Team Avatar

This one’s a classic, for good reason.

2. The Rough Buddies

“My first girlfriend turned into the Moon.”
“That’s rough, buddy.”

3. Kyoshi Warriors

Do metal fans come in handy during quizzing? You’re about to find out, in the name of Avatar Kyoshi.

4. Ember Island Players

A Fire Nation acting troupe, the Ember Island Players made up for their lack of talent with hard work and dedication. If all else fails on quiz night, dazzle them with special effects.

5. Ba Sing Se It Ain’t So

“Aang will not go. Turn the lights off. Carry me home… to the Earth Kingdom’s capital.”

6. Order of the White Lotus

Make yourself a Grand Lotus of the Order, like Uncle Iroh, and challenge your opponents to Pai Sho after you’re done with some trivia.

7. The Yip Yips

Appa Yip GIF | Gfycat

As in “Appa, yip yip,” not the things on Sesame Street.

8. Avatar State of Mind

Attaining the knowledge of all of the past Avatars may be considered cheating, but if you rock up to your trivia game bending all four elements, there’s not much the host can say.

9. My Cabbages!

Find yourself teammates who love trivia as much as the cabbage merchant loves his cabbages.

10. The Secret Tunnels

“Secret tunnel!
Secret tunnel!
Through the mountain!
Secret, secret, secret, secret tunnel! Yeah!”

11. Appa Aangnam Style

Based on his dance moves, we think PSY is most likely a pretty skilled earthbender.

12. The Boys in the Iceberg

You’re just waiting for a couple Water Tribe siblings to show up, then you can get out of this ice block and start doing some trivia.

13. OK Bumi

Bumi was Aang’s childhood friend who became a master earthbender and, eventually, the king of Omashu. Aang would even later name one of his children after Bumi, so be sure you know whom you’re messing with when you say “OK Bumi.”

14. Hello! Zuko Here

hello zuko here | Tumblr | The last airbender characters, Zuko ...

Ah, yes. The line that signalled the completion of the greatest redemption arc of all time.

15. Agni Kai Me, Bro

Probably best to take the fight outside, though: Agni Kais are known to get… burny.

16. Everything Changed When the OpinioNation Attacked

This one works especially well when playing a game of OpinioNation, but pretty much anything can be doing the attacking here (Trivia Nation? Pub Quiz Nation? You get the idea).

17. The Dai Li Partons

We’re not sure where the overlap is of Dolly Parton fans and Avatar fans, but they’ve gotta be out there somewhere. And wherever they are, you know they’ll be sporting some excellent outfits.

18. Dragons of the West

Pay tribute to everyone’s favorite fire-breathing Uncle Iroh with this team name.

19. Sokka It To Me

Over the course of the series, Sokka became Team Avatar’s lead organizer and strategist, while never losing his winning sense of humor. With Sokka as your team’s namesake, you’re sure to go far.

20. Sozin’s Comets

Your team may only make an appearance every one hundred years, but boy, are you memorable.

21. Bend It Like Beifong

Toph Beifong: the David Beckham of earthbending.

22. Leaves From the Vine

Naming your team this is a surefire way to make all the other teams cry—the perfect distraction.

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