20 Danceworthy 90s Music Trivia Team Names

90s Music Trivia Team Names

We can’t guarantee your next round of live trivia will morph into a dance party. But nobody can stop you from dancing on your own! And it all starts with the right team name. If you’re having trouble thinking up one on your own, check out these 90s music trivia team names for inspiration. If you’re going to have a dance party, might as well have a danceworthy team name. And why not hit ’em with a little nostalgia. Because everyone loves the 90s.

90s Music Trivia Team Names

1. Smells Like Team Spirit

If you win, maybe you’ll achieve some kind of inner peace. Nirvana, perhaps?

2. Jason Waterfalls

This works incredibly well if you have a Jason on your trivia team. Just remember to please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to. 

3. Livin’ La Vida Loca

‘Cuz you live that crazy life. Alternatively, you could replace “loca” with any number of rhyming or near-rhyming words. Polka? Yolka? Yoda? You get the idea.

4. We Really Wanna Zigazig Ah

All that build up in the song. Just to find out you really wanna what?

5. Nothing Compares 2 Us

If you came in last place then everyone would not only compare 2 u, but they would compare a lot better. 

6. Destiny’s Children

All one big, happy family. Who is Destiny anyway?

7. Bitter Sweet Company

Maybe time to find some new friends if the company is that bittersweet?

8. Barbie Girls

Just make sure your world isn’t wrapped in plastic. Might not be as fantastic as it sounds.

9. You Oughta Know

It is a trivia show after all. You oughta know some of the answers. 

10. Boyz II Men, A-B-C, B-B-D

Simply because Motownphilly’s back again. 

11. Genie In A Bottle… Of Malt Liquor

Rub the bottle all you want. It won’t change the taste.

12. Creeps

Simple, yet elegant. And at least your team is being honest.

13. Our Hearts Will Go On

Wherever the first place trophy goes, that’s where we’ll be. Though it better not be at the bottom of the ocean.

14. Quiz Me Baby One More Time

You gotta do a pose with it too.

15. MMMHops

Fun fact: This is also the name of a real beer made by the Hanson brothers. 

16. Insane In The Brain

Could also go with Insane in the Membrane. Either way you want the other teams to know that you’re loco. 

17. Gettin’ Quizzy Wit It

Na na na na na na na nana. Na na na na nana.

18. We Want It That Way

Hey now. Backstreet’s back, alright?

19. Hi! Our Name Is…

Well… What is it? We’re waiting.

20. Losers


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