The 18 Most Socially Isolated Trivia Team Names for Quarantine

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2020)

Trivia Team Names for Quarantine

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably in some kind of social isolation thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and the wild politics surrounding it. And as the lock down continues, you may have started looking for ways to stay connected with others. One way many people have done this is through online trivia. Yes, digital trivia is a thing. And it’s even a thing Sporcle is doing right now! Check out a list of events here. And if you’re gearing up for your own virtual trivia night, here are some quarantine trivia team names you can use for inspiration.

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The 18 Most Socially Isolated Trivia Team Names for Quarantine

1. The Quaranteam

Honestly, you may have better luck using this obvious choice as a template. Put your own spin on it. The Quaranqueens? Quaranteam America: World Police? If you’re really good or into that new Jordan doc, maybe Quaran-Dream Team

2. We’re Googling Everything

Honor code. But hey, if you hate Google (and any other large corporation), it might help you to know that Google actually hates it when you use the word Google as a verb.

3. We Finished Netflix Today

Don’t give context.

4. Nerd Immunity

Well, there’s no vaccine yet, so we can’t really cash in on herd immunity. But if staying inside makes us all nerds, we have that going for us. Which is nice.

5. We Get Locked Down

But we get up again.

6. Quentin Quarantino

None of us could make a movie, though.

7. Above Average IQ-uarantine

We’re sure everyone in your Zoom call with love you bragging about your IQ. Conversely, you could spell this “I-Quarantine.”

8. One Quarantini, Shaken, Not Stirred

You’re at home. We won’t tell if you have more than one. 

9. School’s Out Forever

We should have listened to Alice Cooper.


Sort of the theme of 2020, yeah?

11. You Can’t Sit With Us

No seriously, please don’t. 

And this is also where we tell you about our Mean Girls Trivia Team Names post.

12. Ok Zoomer

Generation Z or not, if you’re on Zoom for trivia night, you’re all Zoomers.

13. Skynet

The robots really are gonna end up on top, aren’t they?

14. Couch Potatoes

For once this kind of lifestyle is pretty much encouraged. Sofa Spuds, unite!

15. Mr. Zoombastic

We’re sure your Zoom skills are fantastic.

16. What Day Is It?

We’ve all gotten to this point.

17. Not Wearing Pants

And this point too.

18. All By Myself

Don’t wanna be… All by myself.

But you are. So might as well hangout with trivia nerds on Zoom.

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