3 Easy Steps to Play Trivia on Zoom

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2020)
3 Easy Steps to Play Trivia on Zoom

Let trivia be your icebreaker!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to talk about with friends and family, especially in a time when we’re all living the same day over and over again. When it feels like every day has become “blursday,” try shaking up your routine and avoiding small talk with trivia. Change up your weekly calls with friends and family by competing alongside, or against, them. Share laughs, have fun, and spend time together playing trivia—over Zoom, or the video call platform of your choice.

Here’s how – 3 easy steps to play trivia on Zoom!

1. Get on a Zoom call

Check your calendar, ask friends and family, consult the stars, and pick a time that works for everyone. Have someone set up a group video call. This can be done with a paid Zoom account (free Zoom accounts will automatically close after 40 minutes) – or Google Hangouts, Skype, vSee, Facebook’s Messenger Rooms, etc.

Share the meeting info and link with all the friends and family you want to have join, and give grandma a tutorial. Then, when the time comes, send everyone a reminder text to get on the call!

2. Share screen and point your browser to a quiz on sporcle.com

Whoever is the host can select “Share Screen.” If your group wants to pass around sharing responsibilities, the original host can make someone a co-host or change the settings to allow anyone to share their screen.

Once the browser window is shared, go to sporcle.com.

3. Pick a quiz!

From the sporcle.com home page, you can select a category the group loves (science! sports!), go to a specific quiz like one of the ones trending now, or hit “Random Quiz” to be surprised.

These are some suggestions that make for a great group game:

After picking a quiz, the next step is to play the quiz! Try to beat the average as a group, or keep track of who contributes the most right answers and let that person pick the next quiz, or split the group into breakout rooms and have the last team to get 100% on the quiz donate $10 to a charity of the quickest team’s choice.

Repeat step #3 for as long as the group is having fun and wants to stick around!

If these steps seem too cumbersome, let Sporcle take care of them for you! We have pre-scheduled virtual live trivia games live hosted online every day of the week. We take care of picking the time, setting up the meeting link, and hosting the game. All you have to do is show up and have fun!

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