The 17 Freshest Gordon Ramsay Quotes

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2020)

Gordon Ramsay Quotes

Alright, let’s all be real. We’ve been spending a lot of time inside lately, and ordering takeout can make the bills stack up pretty high. Learning to cook may be a great idea, if only we knew where to begin. Walking into the kitchen would probably be a good place to start, but maybe not Hell’s Kitchen. So here enters Gordon Ramsay to critique your potentially newfound hobby. Maybe he’ll add a dash of inspiration too? Either way, simmer on these Gordon Ramsay quotes.

The 17 Freshest Gordon Ramsay Quotes

1. “What are you?”

The only correct answer is an idiot sandwich. Yes, we do this around the office all the time–which is probably why we go through bread so quickly.

2. “I’ve never, ever, ever, ever met someone I believe in as little as you.”

Alright Gordon. You really didn’t have to quote our parents there.

3. “I wish you’d jump in the oven! That would make my life a lot easier!”

Well that’s a little dark, Gordon.

4. “This is a really tough decision, because you’re both crap.”

If you have a sibling, you both probably got this a lot from mom or dad.

5. “Swearing is industry language. For as long as we’re alive it’s not going to change. You’ve got to be boisterous to get results.”

At least there’s some self awareness going on here.

6. “You deserve a kick in the nuts.”

It’s not creative, but it’s most certainly direct. 

7. “Chimi chuck it in the bin.”

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8. “Stop taking things personally.”

Well… He’s kind of got a point there.

9. “I grew up in a funny way.”

Yeah, you don’t say?

10. “That’s common sense! And your tiny mind is not common!”

Honestly, you would have to grow up in a funny way to be this witty with your insults. 

11. “They say cats have nine lives. I’ve had 12 already and I don’t know how many more I’ll have.”

Does this prove that Gordon Ramsay is effectively immortal or something?

12. “I won’t let people write anything they want to about me.”

Hey, it’s us. Writing stuff we want.

13. “I don’t like looking back. I’m always constantly looking forward. I’m not the one to sort of sit and cry over spilt milk. I’m too busy looking for the next cow.”

Now we just want steak…

14. “I’d like to think I’m a great teacher.”

We suppose it depends on the show. But Gordon Ramsay is extremely good with kids. 

15. “This crab is so undercooked I can still hear it singing ‘Under the Sea!’”

16. “You put so much ginger in this it’s a Weasley!” 

Does that mean it can do magic? Because that would be 100% worth it.

17. “This soufflé has sunk so badly James Cameron wants to make a film about it.”

But will its heart go on afterwards? Wherever we are?

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