30 Interesting Animal Facts You Might Not Know

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2020)
30 Interesting Animal Facts You Might Not Know

Love animals? We do too. The animal kingdom is a vast and colorful place, filled with millions of different species (including some yet to be discovered). One could spend years listing out all the interesting animal facts that have been collected. But we’ve distilled our list down to a more manageable 30. 

List of Interesting Animal Facts

1. Similar to the way young children suck their thumbs, baby elephants find sucking on their trunk a way to soothe themselves.

2. There is no such thing as a female peacock. A peacock is a male peafowl and females are called peahens.

3. It may seem counter-intuitive, but capuchin monkeys use their urine to wash their feet and hands. The vitamins and minerals provide an antiseptic that can help their extremities have a better grip when climbing trees.

4. Another tree dweller is the koala. These little animals have fingerprints that are very similar to human fingerprints, so much so that if they end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, they could potentially damage crime scene evidence by leaving their prints behind. 

5. Speaking of fingerprints, the stripes of a tiger are as distinct as a human’s fingerprint. 

6. A tiger’s roar can carry a distance of up to 2 miles.

7. Of course, you should never attempt to bowl with A grizzly bear, but if you were to give one a bowling ball, its bite would be strong enough to crush it.

8. To prevent themselves from losing each other in the tides, otters will go to sleep holding hands. 

9. A cat will bring a human a dead mouse as it considers the human a part of their family and wants to provide food for them.

10. “You are what you eat!” is a common saying among humans but very true in the case of flamingos. Their pink color is a result of their diet which consists of brine, shrimp, and algae. If their diet was different, their feathers would naturally be white.

11. If you think you have a lot of pets, think again, all of the unmarked mute swans in the United Kingdom are owned by the Queen and her family.

12. When a clownfish has a baby it is always a male. So do the males give birth? No, over time some of the males will turn into females so that mating can occur. 

13. A salamander-like amphibian called an axolotl can regrow any of its limbs! Now that’s a superpower!

14. Male ring-tailed lemurs, when in disagreement with one another, will send drafts of bad scents at each other. It is called “stink-fighting”. Gross!

15. The tusk of a narwhal is an overgrown front tooth! Similar to a peach, the outside is sensitive and soft while the inside is hard, which is the opposite of human teeth. 

16. Way back in 1924, a dog went to jail! That’s right, a Labrador retriever by the name of Pep killed a governor’s cat in Pennsylvania, and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

17. Nine-Banded Armadillos give birth to four identical babies. Not just once, but every time they give birth. 

18. While chili peppers are sometimes unbearable to humans, birds do not find them spicy in the slightest! 

19. The chance of being bit by a shark is very low. In a year, the amount of people who do get bitten by a shark is 10 times less than people bitten by other people in New York City! Chomp! Chomp!

20. Imagine going a day without eating? Wolves can withstand a week without consuming any type of food.

21. A panda, on the other hand, spends 10-14 hours a day eating.

22. Foxes interpret each other’s tail movement as a form of communication. 

23. A parrot will see another parrot in need and help it out, even though it will gain nothing in return. 

24. Unlike humans, frogs can freeze without dying. They regularly go through freeze and thaw cycles in their lifetime. 

25. Only 10% of the hunting by lions is done by the males. The females do 90%!

26. In the winter, the eyes of reindeer turn blue.

27. Sloths have been known for their slow movement, and this includes their digestive system, which can take up to a month for one leaf to pass through. 

28. Otters have the densest hair out of any creature in the animal kingdom. 

29. When milking a cow, play slow and tranquil music–this will make them produce more milk compared to loud and upbeat music. 

30. A horse has the ability to make 17 different facial expressions. 

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