23 Interesting Websites to Keep You Entertained

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2020)

23 Interesting Websites to Keep You Entertained

Whether you’re stuck inside or just plain bored and need to take a break at work, you could probably use some weird internet distractions. Granted, you could always dive into the depths of YouTube and end up trying to learn how to talk to giraffes. But maybe you already tried that? At any rate, if you’re in need of some entertainment right now, we spent some time exploring the corners of the internet to find some quirky stuff. Here are the most interesting websites we came across.

Interesting Websites

1. The Library of Babel

This website is pretty nutty. Pretty much anything that has ever been written and ever will be written is here on this website. Up to a certain character limit. Regardless you could find that weird speech or presentation you once gave in high school here–complete with all of your ums and uhs. 

It also means the first thing you ever read and the last thing you will ever read are stored on this site. So it’s also a pretty hefty existential crisis.

2. Just in case you need to search something…

There is always Google, but what about the weird things you can do with or to Google?

3. Death By Caffeine

This website will calculate (calculatte?), based on your weight, how much of a given caffeinated beverage you can drink before it kills you. It’s probably important to know how much caffeine you can drink, right? Anyway, we’re pretty sure we’ve breached the limit multiple times, and… We’re still kicking so we guess it’s okay. 

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4. Hacker Typer

This site is useful for many things. It just displays random code fragments as you hit keys. Mostly useful for messing with people; but if you’re making any short films, maybe you can poke around here?

5. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

Yes, this website is exactly what it sounds like. The point is literally doing nothing for two straight minutes! Sometimes you just have to take a break. This is a good relaxation tool for some and a great way to get super bored for others. Take your pick.

6. The Longest List of the Longest Stuff

No, this list will not be as long as this list. But it’s pretty neat to see the longest things that exist, no?

7. The Restart Page

This is a catalogue of all the old-timey restart pages. We’re not sure what use you would get out of this, but we’re pretty sure it’ll help you with some trivia related to software down the road.

8. Sad Trombone

It’s just a huge button that plays the sad trombone sound. Nothing that useful, but we like to keep it on standby to make fun of people around the office.

9. Big Messages

It takes messages and makes them really big. What else could you ask for?

10. Color Matcher

This website will give you a color wheel and you have to match the colors. It’s both easier and harder than it sounds. 

11. What If the Moon Was Only One Pixel?

This website will very much answer that question. You can also scroll through the entire solar system to scale if the moon were one pixel! 

Turns out it’s a heck of a lot of scrolling.

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12. Bedtime Calculator

For those of us who have no discipline. If you click this link you’ll be taken to a portal that will try calculating how much sleep you’ll get if you go to bed at any time. It’s not an exact science, but perhaps you’ll find something useful here.

13. Pokemon Fusion

We’re not sure why you would want to create some of the monstrosities this website generates. But you can very much make words out of Pokemon names and generate some weird stuff. 

14. Fruit Ninja, But With a Keyboard

Remember playing fruit ninja back on like the iPhone 3? Well we’ve graduated to the desktop, and now it’s… a lot harder.

15. This Person Does Not Exist

This website uses an AI to generate a face that doesn’t exist. Kind of eerie when you think about it.

16. Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

If you’ve got a friend, here you go. Tic Tac Toe’s all grown up now.

17. Chilling Vibes

Something stressing you out, too much on your mind? This website is supposed to give you some really chill vibes!

18. Ambient Noise Generator

Exactly what it sounds like, you’ll be getting some ambient noise to relax to! Maybe chilling vibes just weren’t your thing.

19. Dead Colors

This is just a list of all the colors whose hexadecimal code contains the word “dead.” You’re very much still allowed to use these colors in your paintings or whatever.

20. Super Planet Crash

You get to simulate a solar system with some celestial bodies. Make sure you don’t break everything. But we’re pretty sure you will.

21. 2048

Remember that weird phase when this game was like the thing? 

22. Ikea Name Generator

It generates dumb names for hypothetical Ikea products. It’s dumb and fun, hopefully you get a giggle out of it.

23. Sporcle

Okay, shameless self-promotion, but Sporcle makes it’s way on this list of interesting websites because we’ve got all sorts of trivia quizzes and other fun games to keep you entertained. You can also just kick back and read some weird stuff we have on the blog

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