The 14 Most Elusive Cryptid Trivia Team Names

Cryptid Trivia Team Names

We’re not entirely sure what context this would crop up in. Maybe your group of local paranormal investigators is going on an adventure, but want to start with some trivia before setting off? Cryptids can be dangerous after all, so you’ll want to be in peak mental condition. But regardless of the reason, here are a handful of cryptid trivia team names to help get your through your next cryptid hunting quest.

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The 14 Most Elusive Cryptid Trivia Team Names

1. The Sasquatch Squad

This name works best if your team shows up to the bar wearing a bunch of furry suits. You can even call yourself the “Sasquad.” And if you show up in a certain kind of mood, you can be the “Sass Squad.”

2. The Mothmen

“Not just the Mothmen, but the Mothwomen and Mothchildren too.” (Anakin Skywalker voice)

3. The Notorious B.I.G.F.O.O.T.

Fun fact: Bigfoot loves it when you call him “Big Poppa.” He’s also the reigning Hide-and-Seek World Champion.

4. Release the Kraken!

Do you really want to let a giant, boat-sized, angry squid monster loose inside your bar? Probably not. This is especially true when you realize giant squid monsters are real.

5. The Jersey Devil’s Advocates

We’re not entirely sure why there’s a Jersey Devil in the first place. But we’re sure it needs people advocating for its rights.

6. We Are the Champs

So yeah, if the British do something, an American version is likely to follow (looking at you, The Office). While the UK has the Loch Ness Monster, America has “Champ,” a creature that lurks in the northeast’s Lake Champlain.

7. My Megaconda Don’t Want None

We’re not sure whether or not we should use “my” or “our,” but we presume the point was made. There’s no “Megabuns” cryptid that we know of, though.

8. The Chupa-corn-on-the-cabras

It’s okay if your trivia team name is a little corny. 

9. Storm Loch Ness

The meme below makes a good point. Might as well get the movement going at your next pub trivia night.

10. Trivia on the Igopogo

For when you need to read about Canadian lake monsters on the go. Alternatively, there is the Ogopogo or the Manioigo. There is no Donotpassgo, though.

11. The British Big Cats

Look, a team name that’s literally just the name of a cryptid–it’s that good.

12. The Mongolian Death Worms

Similar to the name above–there’s no pun or deeper meaning here. This is just one of the stranger sounding cryptids out there.

13. Meg

Short for Megalodon, this name just works on so many levels. If people don’t think it’s funny, just play the Jaws theme really loud. Then you can unhinge your jaws and just eat the competition. 

Okay, don’t do that last part.

14. [Cryptid Name] Believes in You!

So no one believes in your favorite cryptid. That’s okay. We know they believe in you and your team, and that’s all that matters.

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