13+ Trivia Games You Can Play on Alexa

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2019)
Trivia Games You Can Play on Alexa

Alexa offers so much more than the weather report or what’s on Netflix. The next time you’re feeling bored, why not give one of Alexa’s trivia games a try? Play alone or gather a group of friends. Either way, it’s sure to be more fun than scrolling through Facebook on a Saturday night! 

13+ Trivia Games You Can Play on Alexa 

1. Jeopardy!

Of course! Just as with the TV show, you will be presented with an answer which you must respond to in the form of a question. Don’t forget that your answer must start with “what is… ?” 6 new clues are added daily. For $1.99 a month you can get 6 more Double Jeopardy clues a day. The additional 6 clues are free to Amazon Prime members. Sports Jeopardy!​ and ​Teen Jeopardy!​ are also available.

2. Volley Trivia Showdown Game

In ​Volley Trivia Showdown ​you are matched with another player somewhere in the world and asked trivia questions which you must answer as being true or false. The better you are, the tougher your opponents. ​Volley Daily Trivia​, which gives you 7 new questions a day, is also available, as well as​ Volley Family Trivia​, which has you competing against family and friends.

3. Trivia Hero

In this highly rated trivia game, you must beat the clock and answer as many trivia questions as you can in just 60 seconds. Play alone or against as many as 20 people.

4. Trivia Battle

Trivia Battle ​is a daily trivia game where players battle to get their state to the top of the leaderboard. Play 8 questions a day, earning points both individually and for your state. Join Trivia Club to get 5 double point bonus questions a day.

5. Trivial Pursuit Tap

If Jeopardy! isn’t up to your speed, consider giving ​Trivial Pursuit​ a try. Compete with friends to answer questions from 1 of 6 different categories and earn a bonus question for each correct answer. Get one question from each category right – plus a final challenge question – to win.

6. National Geographic Geo Quiz

If you love geography then this​​ is the game for you! 6 new geographic questions are added daily; and while you only get one chance to get a question right, you can repeat the question as many times as you like to hone your skills.

7. Millionaire Quiz Game

Hosted by current television host Chris Harrison of ​Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Millionaire Quiz Game ​features all of the excitement of the original game without the cash prizes… sorry! Players are presented with up to 15 multiple choice questions and are given three lifelines to use while playing the game: phone a friend, ask social media, and 50/50 (which eliminates 2 of the 4 possible answers). For each question you answer correctly, you are rewarded and get to move on to the next question. If you get all 15 questions right – you win.

8. Song Quiz

Song quiz ​plays thousands of songs spanning your favorite decades (1960’s to 2010’s). Select your favorite decade, begin listening, and start naming the correct song and artist to earn points. New music is added regularly. Finally! A reason to be glad you listened to so much Bananarama and Bon Jovi in the 80s.

9. Movie Challenge + More

Are you a film lover? If so, then we have several suggestions for you: ​Movie Challenge, Movie Classics, and ​Film Quiz. ​ Listen to voice snippets from popular movies in ​Movie Challenge ​and ​Film Quiz ​and guess the name of the film. In ​Movie Classics, match as many classic quotes to the right film as you can, presented in multiple-choice format.

10. True or False? 

You can play this game with up to 20 people, which makes it a great game to break out at parties. This game tests your knowledge about the world and new facts are gathered weekly. Email the fact writers at ​True or False? to suggest your own fact and it could be shared in an upcoming game.

11. Question of the Day 

Strengthen your knowledge a little each day with the ​Question of the Day. ​ Categories include British Royals, Greek Mythology, Literature, Movies, the Solar System, and many more.  

12. Themed Trivia 

Looking for some themed trivia? Alexa has Harry Potter, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Golden Girls, Disney, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Game of Thrones! 

13. Sporcle Trivia 

Yep. That’s right. You can continue to play trivia with the #1 trivia site on the internet. We’re pretty excited about it. Want to find out more? Click ​here

We genuinely hope you find something in this list to keep you challenged and entertained – whether you’re flying solo or hanging with family or friends. Already have your favorites? We’d love to hear what they are! Please share your suggestions and feedback in the comments below.