New Badges: African Ace, I Find Your Lack of Badge Disturbing, and Taking My Talents to South Badge

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2019)
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Lightsaber use is typically frowned upon at most public beaches…or during international travel.

African Ace: You’ll have to ace this quiz if you want to come away with this nifty badge. Just 54 countries. Go! Get 100% on Countries of Africa.

I Find Your Lack of Badge Disturbing: We got a badge feeling about this. Get 75% or more on Star Wars StuffCriteria Characters: Star Wars Original Trilogy, and Star Wars Smugglers’ Exam.

Taking My Talents to South Badge: Don’t feel like you have to go on ESPN to make any sort of ‘decision’ here. Play Miami Heat All-Time LeadersOpening Day Lineups: MarlinsNFL Starting QBs (Miami Dolphins), and Florida Panthers Leaders by Position.

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