20 of the Best Dungeons & Dragons Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2020)

Dungeons and Dragons Trivia Team Names

If you’ve noticed a surge in popularity around Dungeons & Dragons, the classic 1974 tabletop role-playing game, you’re not alone. The iconic game has made a little comeback in the recent decade. This is largely thanks to online streaming platforms, and the D&D juggernaut known as Critical Role. We’ve also seen it crop up recently in popular shows, like Netflix’s hit, Stranger Things. With this in mind, you should feel no shame in using D&D as inspiration the next time you find yourself playing pub trivia. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Dungeons & Dragons trivia team names.

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20 of the Best Dungeons & Dragons Trivia Team Names

1. Quizards of the Coast

Well, were any of you surprised this was like the first one we pulled out? Wizards of the Coast is basically the corporation behind Dungeons & Dragons now.

If you don’t like corporations you could always just go with Quiz Wizards–or just Quizards. But only if you eat lots of gizzards.

2. Liches Get Stitches

These are just the facts. Though why an undead being needs medical treatment is a question worth asking.

3. Goblets and Goblins

This works surprisingly well if your team is made up of actual goblins.

4. Chaotic Stupid

This is just the alignment chart, but let’s be real, most of us would devolve into chaotic stupid given enough alcohol.

5. Gnoll-it-Alls

We’re just going to ignore the whole thing about gnolls being fairly stupid in Dungeons & Dragons.

6. Presti-quiz-itation

It’s a play on prestidigitation, both a spell in the game and real life word. It means magic done for amusement, which means you should pull a rabbit out of a hat if you’re on this team.

7. Troll for Initiative

Normally you make rolls for initiative. Try not to troll the trivia or board game, though.

8. Dungeons & Flagons

Sadly, most bars opt for pitchers instead of flagons. Maybe bring your own?

9. The Mind Players

Please don’t eat the winning team’s brain if you lose. It’s very frowned upon. We can’t stress this enough!

10. Always Wight

We’re not entirely sure you want to always be a wight, though. Being undead all the time seems tiring. And boring. And also, pretty lifeless.

11. Moradin’s Drinking Team

Gotta show some love to the dwarves, who clearly just showed up to get plastered.

12. Dryads and Dry Lads

This is for the trivia team that’s not drinking. The opposite of the dwarf team, if you will.

13. Zone of Youth

This team name is actually quite funny if you’re not all like 12 or something.

14. Around Elves Watch Yourselves

This is very sound advice, even at trivia night. Elves are not to be messed with. They made that Legolas dude in a different franchise.

15. Glass Half-Ling

Is your glass half-full? Half-empty? Or half-ling? Either way, it sounds like you’ll need a refill soon.

16. Djinn and Tonic

Use this to make your drink order too, if you feel like it.

17. The Elder Brain

“Check out the big brain on Brad.” Hopefully Brian is team captain; then you should change your name to The Elder Brian. Don’t let him get all the mind flayers into the bar, though.

18. The Fireballers

Unless your team can actually harness enough energy to throw fireballs, you should probably just stick to drinking Fireball.

19. Millennielves

This is a punny D&D trivia team, but do note that Elves live a really long time. So they’re more like Boomers than anything else. Plus, they’re rich. 

20. We Aren’t an Adventuring Party with a Drinking Problem, We’re a Drinking Team with an Adventuring Problem

Pro tip: trivia hosts love reading ridiculously long trivia team names.

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