The 14 Most Caffeinated Coffee Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2019)

Coffee Trivia Team Names

Alright, we know that you probably don’t normally drink coffee when you head out for pub trivia. Most people tend to opt for beer or alcohol–you’re at a bar after all. But maybe you need a little evening pick-me-up? Or maybe you just really want people to know about your coffee obsession? Whatever the case, there are totally good reasons one might need a coffee themed team name. And we want you to be able to espresso yourself any way you want. The next time you’re out playing pub trivia, consider giving one of these coffee trivia team names a shot.

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The 14 Most Caffeinated Coffee Trivia Team Names

1. The Dream Beans

“The Bean Team” also works. But you might want to make it clear you’re talking about coffee beans.

2. The Daily Grind

Now here’s a name all working individuals can relate to.

3. Iced Chais Finish Last

“Iced Chais” or “Nice Guys”–who actually finishes last.

4. We Have a Terrible Case of Deja Brew

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

5. Living La Vida Mocha

We took something that tasted kinda like hot chocolate and gave it more caffeine. It’s the best combination.

6. Triple Shot

The table next to you is taking shots… You should too. Shots of coffee that is.

7. We’re Looking for the Secret Menu

We cannot confirm or deny the existence of cafe secret menus.

8. We Love Trivia a Latte

Of course we were going to make this pun eventually. Better latte than never.

9. Three Shots Vanilla, Extra Whip, Four Shots Caramel, Two Shots Mocha…

Because trivia hosts love reading long team names as much as baristas love reading stupidly long orders.

10. Pardon Our French…Roast

Get incredibly smart with it, start actually speaking French.

11. The Starbucks of the Show

Try not to take the limelight by stealing someone else’s order. 

12. Ice Cold Brewers

This works for both beer and cold coffee drinkers.

13. The Red Bull Ragers

Is Red Bull coffee? No. Does Red Bull give you wings? Also no, but people have tried. Does Red Bull give some people a toxic amount of energy more effective than coffee? Yes. Will your liver hate you? Also yes.

14. Coffee Tastes Like Dirt Because It’s Ground

Sorry if these lame puns have left you feeling a little depresso.

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