5 Trivia Podcasts for Happy Brains

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2019)
Trivia Podcasts

Looking for some trivia to tide you over in between pub trivia nights? Check out these trivia podcasts to keep your brain muscles exercised and ready for action. 

5 Trivia Podcasts for Happy Brains

1. Trivial Warfare

Trivial Warfare begins with warm-up questions, (called “Warm it Up, Chris”) followed by the game which includes 6 rounds with 3 questions per round. Questions are worth 10pts each with a midpoint question worth 20pts. The game finishes up with a final set of questions (called “The Gauntlet”) which includes a wager. Submit a trivia question and it could be chosen for a show! 

2. Go Fact Yourself

Come join fun and lively hosts J. Keith van Straaten and Helen Hong for Go Fact Yourself. Go Fact Yourself is taped before a live audience and features celebrity comedians, actors, and musicians. Guests get to choose 3 topics they would like to be quizzed on as well as hear from experts on those topics. The show includes a round of “what’s the difference?” as well as some “fast facts.” 

3. Good Job, Brain!

Nominated by The Academy of Podcasters for Best Games and Hobbies Podcast in 2017, Good Job, Brain! includes engrossing discussions, Jeopardy-style quizzing, lightning rounds, and segments such as “what came first?” Click on the “Mnemonics” tab at the top of the page for tips on “How to Memorize Greek and Roman Gods” to “How to Identify the Rice Krispies Elves.”

4. Quiz Quiz Bang Bang

Hosted by congenial husband-wife team David and Annie Flora, Quiz Quiz Bang Bang features six rounds of general trivia, including a rapid-fire round, delivered with banter. Looking for an excuse to binge-watch your favorite shows again? Quiz Quiz Bang Bang also has themed trivia, including Downton Abbey, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, and more. 

5. No Such Thing As A Fish

If you love all things Brit and want to gain some knowledge without competing for it, join Dan, James, Andy, and Anna across the pond to listen to No Such Thing As A Fish. Bizarre, humorous, and intriguing, each and every quirky episode is chock-full of unusual stories and fun facts you never knew you wanted to know.

These 5 podcasts are sure to keep you mentally stimulated during your commute, when on a walk, while cooking dinner, or wherever it is that you listen to podcasts. But they’re not the only ones! How about you, Sporclers? Do you have any favorite trivia podcasts you’d like to share with the rest of the Sporcle community? Let us know in the comments below!