The 16 Most Filling Thanksgiving Pick-Up Lines

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2019)

Thanksgiving Pick-Up Lines

Ah, Thanksgiving. A time to meet with that step-aunt Karen you really don’t like, or that weird uncle Bill who’s busy trying to give your kid beer you didn’t know he even had. At least you’ll get to eat a big, stale bird while you awkwardly sit across from each other and try not to acknowledge the gigantic chasm between your political views? Anyway, Thanksgiving isn’t really a chance to meet new people, but on the off chance you do, we have you covered. So here are some Thanksgiving pick-up lines to potentially keep your heart as filled as your stomach.

Warning: Do keep in mind that Thanksgiving pick-up lines are sometimes a little fowl.

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The 16 Most Filling Thanksgiving Pick-Up Lines

1. “Do you want to hop on the gravy train?”

We’re pretty sure there’s no good context in which getting on a “gravy train” is a mutually beneficial situation, but we’ll warn that you’ll likely want a shower afterwards.

2. “I’m going to Plymouth Rock your world!”

It might be best to keep the fact that the Pilgrims never landed on Plymouth Rock to yourself.

3. “The only thing sweeter than pumpkin pie is you.”

You should incorporate some extra sugar into your recipe as well, so it’s even sweeter. Though consider the health repercussions of consuming too much artificial sweetener. 

4. “Are you here for the breast or thighs?”

This Thanksgiving pick-up line has the added benefit of plausible deniability–just make sure you’re looking at the turkey when you say it.

5. “Turkey legs may be juicy, but yours are delicious.”

Unlike the previous pickup line, there is little to no plausible deniability here. You’re all-in with this one.

6. “If I can’t break the wishbone, know that I’m wishing for a date with you.”

Also know that you definitely will not be getting to break the wishbone if you try to turn it into a pickup line.

7. “The food isn’t the only thing that will make you want to loosen your belt.”

Everyone feels super romantic after stuffing themselves full of food, right?

8. “My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the stuffing.”

Commit to the bit. You’re only allowed to eat the stuffing for the rest of the night. 

9. “You’re such a hot bird, I’d give you my presidential pardon.”

Yes, this is a real thing. Though this line probably works best if you’re actually the president. Then again, should the president be using pick-up lines?

Yeah, we’re not going to touch that…

10. “Is that a deep fried turkey stuffed with coleslaw and mashed potatoes or are you just happy to see me?”

Alright well now we’re just hungry.

11. “Call me tryptophan, because you’ll be sleepy when we’re done together.”

Alright, it’s not perfectly accurate, but most people aren’t going to question you when you’ve just dropped like three syllables on them. 

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12. “Please butter my biscuit.”

If you don’t like butter, perhaps ask them to put gravy on it? But come on, BUTT-er? Yeah, we’re 4th graders.

13. “Did you save room? Because I have something else to gobble on.”

After using this line, it would be very opportune to serve dessert. It’ll keep those with their minds in the gutter from getting the wrong idea.

14. “Is it just you, or is it getting hot in here?”

Honestly, it’s probably the oven that’s heating the place up. Maybe leave the kitchen?

15. “This is corny, but asking you out is the harvest thing I’ve done all year.”

Hopefully this line works, otherwise you’ll just be left with a husk. And no corn. And probably a healthy helping of rejection. 

16. “I would forking love to spoon with you after dinner.”

Together you’d make like a spork, or something thing like that. How romantic! 

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