What Do Cats Do When They’re Outside?

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2019)

What Do Cats Do When They’re Outside?

What Do Cats Do When They’re Outside?

If you have or have had an outdoor cat, you’re probably familiar with what they do. Mainly, you’re probably familiar with how they’ll just up and leave your house for hours at a time. Maybe even days. It’s not like we strapped a camera to your cat or anything–but what if you did? What do cats do when they’re outside?

Why Do Cats Leave in the First Place?

Well, it could be a number of reasons. But on the whole, your cat generally comes back to you. So at least they probably like you? Or they like the food you give them more than they dislike you?

Generally though, your cat probably wanders around because they’re curious. If your cat isn’t neutered or spayed, they may be more likely to wander–and wander for longer periods of time. More likely than not; your cat is likely looking for a mate. 

Cats tend to have a radius of comfortable territory; un-neutered/spayed ones tend to have a larger radius. But sometimes they can get straight up lost if they get themselves too far outside this comfort sphere. 

If your cat finds better owners, it might find a new safety zone and stay there instead. It’s probably nothing personal; just cat business. 

So What Does the Cat Do?

Alright, you probably don’t want to hear it, but here goes. 

Your cat is a cold blooded killer; and your cat hates wildlife. Birds fear them, rodents cower from them, and your cat doesn’t even kill them out of necessity. More often than not they’re just doing it for fun. 

Honestly, you probably knew how your cat kills things; some house cats are known for bringing dead things to their owners as offerings. 

For some, this is a good thing; cats kind of domesticated themselves because of rodents. Rodents hang around human settlements, and cats liked hunting rodents. It worked out until we got way too many feral cats and other house cats running around outside. 

If you needed some numbers, there was a 2013 study on house cats that quantifies how threatening to wildlife they are. The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service concluded that cats are the number 1 human-caused threat to wildlife in America. And remember that humans cause climate change.

But straight up though, they kill up to 3.7 billion birds every year, and more than 22 billion mammals per year. In mammals alone, that’s like 3 times the human population per year. 

Needless to say, your cat eats less than 50% of what they kill, and 30% or less of those bodies are brought home. About 50% are just kinda… Left to rot.

Anyway that’s what your cat does in their spare time. They kill more things than the terminator. 

But how can your cat be a killer when it looks so cute in costume? Quiz: Cats in Strange Costumes.



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