18 of Our Favorite Breaking Bad Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2019)
Breaking Bad Trivia Team Names

There are some TV shows that just have a lot of staying power, even after they officially stop airing. And Breaking Bad, the neo-Western crime drama created by Vince Gilligan, is certainly one of them. Though it ran for just 5 seasons, Breaking Bad is often considered one of the most critically acclaimed shows of all time. It’s won awards, spawned spin-offs, and continues to be a favorite among many. Given its popularity, you probably won’t have any issues coming up with a few Breaking Bad trivia team names of your own, but if you need some inspiration, we’re here to help. Just remember–Breaking Bad doesn’t rock. It’s a mineral!

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Here Are a Few of Our Favorite Breaking Bad Trivia Team Names

1. Stop Mething Around

Don’t meth around with the hard stuff–stick to beer. You’ll have a much, much, much better time.

2. Better Call Saul

Make sure to call him before your trivia game starts–hosts typically frown upon phone use.

3. Hector Salamanca…That Name Rings a Bell

4. The Wise-enbergs

Walter White is Heisenberg. But since you’re playing trivia, you can be Wise-enberg. See what we did there?

5. Vamonos Pest

This name works especially well if there’s another team at the bar bugging you.

6. Pay Teachers More Money

7. Los Pollos Hermanos

At trivia with your siblings? This name works great. Even better if you happen to be a domesticated fowl.

8. The J. P. Wynne High School Trivia Team

Hopefully Wynne’s other teachers aren’t as unreliable as Mr. White.

9. They’re Minerals, Marie!

10. Say My Name

This will also work surprisingly well at a Destiny’s Child themed trivia night.

11. Pizza on the Roof

Fun fact: people are still throwing pizzas on the roof of the Breaking Bad house.

12. All the Good Chemistry Puns Argon

13. The Krazy-8s

We suppose you could be the “Domingo Gallardo Molinas”, but Krazy-8 just sounds cooler. 

14. Totally Kafkaesque

Jesse: It’s like rigid, all kinds of red tape. My boss is a ****. The owner? Super-****. I’m not worthy or whatever to meet him but I guess everybody’s scared of the dude. The place is full of dead-eyed **********, the hours suck and nobody knows what’s going on, so…

Group Leader: Sounds kind of Kafkaesque.

Jesse: Yeah. Totally Kafkaesque.

15. Walter Jr.’s Breakfast Club

16. Ricin Beans

Some people like Rice and Beans. Others, like Walter White, prefer Ricin Beans. Hey, to each their own!

17. Las Tortugas

“Turtle” might seem like an odd name for drug runner (and a for trivia team) but as Señor Tortuga explains, “Tortuga means turtle, and that’s me. I take my time but I always win.”

18. The Ones Who Knock

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What are your favorite Breaking Bad trivia team names? Let us know in the comments below, and we might add them to this post!



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