The 14 Most Magical My Little Pony Trivia Team Names

The 14 Most Magical My Little Pony Trivia Team Names

There are perfectly sane and rational reasons why an adult at a bar would need a My Little Pony trivia team name. MLP, both the toy line and media franchise, has become culturally iconic, attracting fans of all ages (yes, even adult male fans aptly dubbed “bronies”). Maybe you’re one of these longtime fans? Maybe you’re just doing it to be ironic? Or maybe magic is real, and your dreams of a My Little Pony trivia theme night have finally come true? Whatever the case, you need a trivia team name that’s just a little more rainbowy and sparkly than all the others. So here are a few of the most magical My Little Pony trivia team names you can use at your next pub trivia show.

The 14 Most Magical My Little Pony Trivia Team Names

1. Ponies Are Stable Animals

You’re at a trivia show, so why not drop some #facts on all the other teams? Plus you’ll score big with all the dads in attendance. 

2. The Mane Six (or The Young Six)

My Little Pony coming with their own pun here. This name obviously works best for a group of…well, six. Opt for “The Young Six” if your team wants to brag about not being old.

3. Friendship Is Magic

Who knew the MLP series theme song had such an oddly Orwellian title? Though we suppose this sounds a bit more upbeat than War Is Peace

4. Smarts Like Sparkle

Do you like your anthropomorphic unicorn ponies smart and studious? Or maybe you only know the main character from MLP? Either way, express your admiration for the Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle, with this team name.

5. The Magical Mystery Cure

My Little Pony and The Beatles probably have a lot of fan crossover, right? Right?

“The Magical Mystery Cure is dying to take you away; Dying to take you away, take you today.”

6. The Cutie Mark Crusaders

Are you still waiting for your own Cutie Mark? Well, if Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle can get theirs, so can you! Crusaders of the Lost Mark is a totally appropriate name alternative here as well.

7. Maybe She’s Barn With It, Maybe It’s Neighbelline

Why the long face? Everyone loves a good horse joke. And we’re not horsing around here either.

8. The Equestria Girls

The Equestria Girls are humanized versions of My Little Pony characters. They’ve been described by Hasbro as “full-time students and part-time magical pony girls”. And isn’t that what we all secretly aspire to be?

9. Me & My Bronies

Nate Dogg and 2Pac had their homies. You have your bronies. But the real question is whether your table of grown men is being serious with this team name or not?

10. The Smart Asses

When someone tries to tell you this name is inappropriate, smartly remind them that an ass is technically a donkey. You’re just staying on theme!

11. “Say Hello To My Little Pony”

Pony Montana has to be the greatest movie character ever–and this quote was an all time classic. 

Okay, now we’re trying too hard.

12. Rainbow Dash and the Pegasus Ponies

Enjoy rainbows? Like doing good? Have a penchant for maintaining and clearing the skies? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this just might be the most colorful My Little Pony trivia team name of all.

13. My Pretty Ponies

A throwback to the early 1980s, only true My Little Pony OGs will understand this one. Before MLP, Hasbro gave us My Pretty Pony–the 10-inch tall precursor to the more colorful My Little Pony line that was released in 1982.

14. I’m So Hungry I Could Eat A Horse

Sorry. We couldn’t resist…

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